Sunday, May 01, 2005

May Day frolics

We're in the middle of an action packed weekend here, and praying for a sunny day tomorrow, as it's Pearl's birthday party part 2 – a picnic for friends in the local park.

Friday started with the usual library trip for Allie and the kids – they picked up some more Ricky Ricotta books, Tintin (Prisoners of the Sun) and the Horrible Histories Cruel Crime and Painful Punishments. Then they zoomed into town to buy birthday presents for some friends and made it home for lunch. In the afternoon they read books and made birthday cards.

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Pearlie and I went to trampolining on Saturday morning. Allie and Leo met us there, we did a Leo swap and A. went off to work. Leo and I then dropped P. off at a friend's birthday party and went exploring in a park we had never been to before. It was great - we walked through some woods,

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saw butterflies, found a half built adventure playground, came across some musicians practising, discovered a rusty old abandoned car

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and definite evidence of cute animals.

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We met some friends who were also waiting for the party to finish and had a nice chat and a play with them over ice lollies and a cup of tea.

P. had a lovely time at the party, and we all vegged out for the afternoon at home. Leo and I played with some beautiful 'jewels' he has recently discovered.

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In the evening, (after Doctor Who, of course) the kids and I went to the corner of the road to see the local Morris Men dancing. Leo went home very quickly, but P. and I stayed for ages, and even joined in one of the dances. We chatted with neighbours and had a great time.

At bedtime, Leo settled down reading Paddington to himself in bed. He was very proud to have got through two whole pages – quite a lot of words in a fairly dense book with few pictures.

Allie had to work again today, but the kids and I got a lift with friends to Rainbow Families, our local social group for families with lesbian, gay or bisexual parents. P. and L. had a pretty good time, sliding down a slope in a toy boat and climbing a tree. But Leo was also pretty fragile – he doesn't have a good friend at that group, and is reacting in quite an extreme way to little things that go wrong at the moment.

When we got home, I accidentally pulled Pearl's micro scooter off a high shelf onto the top of her head and made it bleed. I panicked at the sight of blood pulsing from her head and called 999. She screamed like a steam engine and declared that she was going to die. Leo stormed off to his room because I asked him to put his shoes on in case we had to go to hospital. Two very nice paramedics came and explained that it was a very small cut on her scalp which needed no treatment, so we didn't go to hospital and she was fine. I felt a bit foolish, but I would have spent the afternoon convincing myself she had a fractured skull if I hadn't got it checked out.

Instead we just had another quiet afternoon, with lots of telly, a walk to the sweet shop and a game of rummy.

This evening, we managed to escape Power Rangers for once, by sending the children to our room to watch it, while we watched House of Tiny Tearaways. This was not much of an improvement, and we only watched it to see if it was as terrible as we thought it would be. It was – did those children know they were being watched by secret cameras at all times? Does Dr. Tanya Byron really believe it is ethical or helpful to parade people on television as examples of problem parenting?

Allie's lovely sponge cake came into two bits when she took it out of the tin, so we ate it tonight and decided to buy cakes for the picnic instead.


Sarah said...

Ouch! to the head injury. I hate it when things like that happen - glad Pearl is okay though.

And yum to broken cake, there's something strangely satisfying about it going wrong and *having* to be eaten out of the tin!

Hope you have a lovely picnic today :)

Heather said...

rofl! That's what happened to xmas cake 1 this year :-)

It's okay Dani- I rushed Titch to hospital the summer she was 6 months because she fell off the stair gate onto the skirting board corner and it POURED blood. She drenched a tea towel but didn't need a single stitch- I felt silly for taking her to hosp. at all, but I'd probably do the same again.

Alison said...

Ouch to the cut head! Glad it was ok :)

The new park looks lovely, and I adore the photo of the jewels :)