Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Park life

Busy couple of days, including:

HE group on Monday. Our first outdoor meet of the year - severely depleted by HESFES and illness, but lovely for those of us who did manage to get there. The kids thoroughly explored the bushes and the playpark, played football and other ball games, and went on a successful children only expedition to buy lollies at the café.

Woodcraft Folk, where P. and her friends made puppets and learned a dance, amidst a fair amount of shouting and running about. Meanwhile, L. was at home enjoying the digital camera and recording lots of little video clips of things like his own feet walking round the house, me cooking the tea, and 'earthquakes' (spinning the camera round and round very fast).

A new bathroom floor, which necessitated A. and P. staying in this morning, while L got picked up for his weekly visit to the grandmothers. They did some long multiplication and investigation of factorial numbers and square roots on the calculator. Then P finished her Tin Tin book and found a Tin Tin website. Later she soundly defeated A. in a game of 'To Hell and back' (a version of knockout whist we play in our family).

An after school trip to the park to play with cousins B. and D. and assorted friends from B's school. L. did a lot of collapsing in a heap with other little boys, while P. and A. played bat and ball.

The caterpillars are growing well. Allie is planning to make a lapbook about them.

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