Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sunshine and a scarf

Just a quick one today. We had a lovely HE group meet in a park we hadn't been to together before. The kids all enjoyed each other's company – several of them had cemented their friendships at HesFes last week – and were pretty much self sufficient in the playpark and adjoining woods. We had a couple of dog scares, but overall it was a very happy day in the sunshine.

P. has mastered monkey bars this year.

P. and I went to Woodcraft – hard work but generally good, I think – and Leo played with great dedication on Education City.

And I have finally finished the scarf I have been knitting. My first effort with circular needles, with a design made up as I went along - an experiment in straight lines on curved surfaces.


Jenny said...

That park looks nice, we really must come over and meet up with you sometime - I always worry I'm too "square" for Brighton HE groups :-)

Allie said...

Yes, we are all unbearably cool in Brighton! Would be good to meet up some time. Our Monday group is a closed members only deal but Friday afternoons in Queens Park are open to all.

You are involved with the Worthing group aren't you? Wednesdays are tricky for us as we have a parent swap midday and capoeira class in the afternoon, otherwise we'd like to meet a few more HE folk. Life just gets too busy these days.

peri said...

Love the scarf Dani. Very cool for a first project on circs.