Thursday, May 26, 2005

Toothless and raging


Dani went to work and Pearl and I took Leo over to the grandmothers' house for his weekly visit. Pearl and I went to the Police Station museum. This was very interesting, especially the graffiti in the cells. The only minor drawback was the tour guide whose worldview was somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan. But it all added to the sense of menace and oppression in the underground cells!

After the museum we went swimming. Pearl did loads of wild underwater swimming and we played chasing games. After about an hour I was exhausted but Pearl looked like she could have gone on all day. Mind you, when we got home we had a stupid row with each other – which I think betrayed tiredness on both sides.

In the evening the kids finally had enough of the Education city site – which we have been using on a free five day trial. Leo is very taken with the certificates and prints out loads of copies. I think some of it is ok but some is rather grating. Pearl was playing a 'replace the adjective with a better one' game, which she criticised thoroughly!
"They want you to choose dangerous to describe the driver but he could be evil, or even yellow, it all depends…"

We all played a wonderful game suggested in a book that my dad gave us for Christmas. It is called the furniture game. You think of a number of descriptive headings such as: a colour, a season, a place, weather, a piece of clothing, a piece of furniture, a food, an animal etc. Then you think of a person and describe them using the categories you have chosen. Here is Pearl's description of my mum:
She is:
France and Spain
three quarter length trousers
a sofa
an apricot pie
a rabbit.

I know this won't mean much to readers who don't know my mum, but I hope you will be able to tell how lovely (and small!) she is.

Anyway, the game is fun and we heartily recommend it.


Dani and Leo made a dalek today. I think it is fabulous.


They also watched 'Journey of Life' together and he drew a picture of a photograph of some old footsteps.

The kids went to capoeira this afternoon, which was good - though Pearl got in a slight altercation with the person she was playing with. She said she got trapped with him hitting her and I think her actions were all in self-defence. The boy involved is much younger than her and I think it was a misguided overture of friendship. Leo used to do similar things sometimes. Anyway, she was pretty upset.

I went to get my tooth fixed this morning. I was flossing it last week and a lump fell off, which made me feel pretty old and decrepit. I went on to work where I was on the enquiry desk with a frozen face, which felt enormous, and occasional dribbles - charming and very professional!

This evening I have been driven to email the Radio Times after watching the hideous 'House of Tiny Tearaways'. Tonight the 'expert' engineered a scene of conflict between parents and child so that the parents could test out her techniques! Aaargh, why do I watch the bloody programme?


Sarah said...

Love the dalek!

dottyspots said...

I thought Pearl's description was very telling :0) Far better than saying someone has brown hair, blue eyes, etc.

peri said...

What a lovely description of your Mum - it fits her very well.

Jakob loves the Dalek. Great minds think alike as yesterday he built a special weapon gunner dalek.

Heather said...

ROFL about the numb mouth and the dribbling at work :-)

That tv programme is awful- Sim and I watched it after it was discussed on a blog (here?) and I thought it was really sad, in the proper sense of the word.