Friday, May 27, 2005

Visitors, sirens and paddling pool

On Thursday we looked after a couple of little HE friends for a couple of hours. P was a star (as usual when we have guests) and Leo was a bit prickly (equally predictable). He is very territorial about his stuff and his room and is very rude when small visitors want to play with his things. Luckily both D and I were around and between us we managed to divert him from meltdown. The little visitors (5 and 2) were great - the smaller one curled up in Dani's lap at one point and quizzed her about the contents of her shirt as she had started to miss 'booby'. Sadly the cupboard is bare in this house now!

In the afternoon Dani took Pearl and Leo to another festival fringe event – a tour of the old air raid shelters at a local primary school. This was very opportune as we are reading this to Pearl this week. Actually she keeps reading on at night so we are missing bits. The tour was small ( a party of only five) and the kids got to play with a stirrup pump and hear the taped sound of a siren.

Today was super hot and sunny so we abandoned our planned library trip. Poor old Dani was at work all day but the kids and I spent a happy three hours at the park down the hill, which has a paddling pool. This seems to be the year I have been waiting for since Leo was born. The kids played together beautifully and looked out for each other. P managed café and toilet trips alone and Leo actually enjoyed getting splashed by the big kids! I read quite a lot of a trashy Katherine V Forrest book and we all ate chips from the café. P did the (very high!) monkey bars and L invented a complex imaginary game involving a rock he found. This was apparently the remains of a five thousand year old creature which had the ability to exterminate people using an electrical device. We had to keep the rock wet at all times as
"electric things don't work if they get wet."

The kids also wrote messages on the paving stones with water.
"Pearl was here!" (Pearl, obviously)
"Bee of with you!" (Leo)


Heather said...

mmm, I'm waiting for that 'reading in the park while they play together' year, but I suspect their age gap may have stuffed that for us! They do play together really well for hours, but outside Pip is so, well Pip, that Titch really can't keep up.
LOL at the little visitor!

Alison said...

Lol, I try to always read in the park - I just ignore the children as much as possible ;-)

Haven't seen that Noel Streatfeild before, might have to get that as I have a little WW2 project of my own I'm planning.

a said...

Love Leo's imagination! How nice to see the park situation working out so well. Think I know which park as well, if we're playing detective (saw your comment on Heather's, Allie!).