Saturday, June 25, 2005

Home sweet home

We are back from our holiday. Had a lovely time. Can't possibly blog everything, but here are some pics, roughly in chronological order.

We went first to the Isles of Scilly. We'd never been there before, and all had a great time. We travelled down to Penzance on the sleeper train and flew to the islands by helicopter - so the journey was pretty exciting for a start.

View from the Garrison, on St Marys 

There was lichen everywhere - evidence of the pure air 

We saw seals! 

and puffins, too!

We had a lovely time on Old Town beach 

We found Harold Wilson in the graveyard 

This horse came over when it saw we had a camera 

There were lots of sparrows and thrushes, all very bold 

At Tresco there were gum trees, 

loads of these cabbage-like things 

a fantastic fountain, 

based on these fantastic plants, 

and plenty of amazing flowers 

We spent lots of time on beaches 

Leo did lots of this

On St Martins, we had a beach all to ourselves! 

We even went in the sea 

We spent a week on the islands, then flew back to Cornwall for a week in St. Ives, in the same wonderful flat we stayed in last year.

We had terrific weather for the whole holiday, so we spent most of the second week on the beach as well.

P. in mid-air on Porthminster Beach 

Leo created a sand man, inspired by the Michael Morpurgo book 

We managed just the one outing, to St Michael's Mount.

More beautiful gardens at St. Michael's Mount 

Launching an attack on Marazion 

Our journey home was less enjoyable, but we made it in the end, and are already back into the swing of home. Very tired - need another holiday now!


Sarah said...

Looks like you had a fantastic holiday! Good to have you back again :)

peri said...

Fantastic pictures. Looks like you had an amazing time.

Heather said...

Beautiful photo's. Glad you had fun :-)

Gill said...

Wow, it looks like a beautiful place :-)

Heather said...

You're still hibernating btw.

Dani said...

We know, but don't know how to emerge from hibernation! Does Jax have to do it? Is she still away? Can anyone rescue us?