Monday, June 06, 2005

Just hanging around

P. has been doing a lot of this lately.

She's training for the olympics or something.

HE group was in another park today. A bit more crowded than we're used to (inset days and school outings), but all very pleasant for us and our kids, I think.

Home for a bit of knitting and vegging out, before P. and I went to Woodcraft Folk and L had a lovely time at his cousin B's house.

We thought all our caterpillars were dead yesterday, but now we think at least some of them are pupating. We're handing them over to some friends tomorrow – I hope there's a happy ending.


Stella said...

When I was about 8-11 I used to hang in a doorway like that - the doorway was between the kitchen and dining room and I remember talking to my Dad while he was cooking while hanging there. Sometimes I'd put my feet on one side and lean my back up the top of the other side too. We moved from the house when I was 12 and there weren't any wide enough doorways in the new house.

Heather said...

Oh wow! That's not quite how I imagined it- strong girl! Does she rock climb?

Guess your off on your hols now- have a good one :-)