Sunday, June 05, 2005

Knitting in

We've been very busy, trying to get ready for our holiday while doing all our usual stuff. Randomly in the last few days we have:

  • Spent pocket money in the toyshop. Another Sylvanian pony and a megablocks megazord.
  • Watched hours and hours of Discovery Kids.
  • Popped out to the park for an hour between the two showings of Mystery Hunters (!) P. climbed to the top of the climbing poles lots of times. L. and I played with boom bats and we all played football on a steep slope.
  • Planted tomatoes in a growbag and potatoes in buckets (I did that while the kids were watching telly, so it's not really HE, but never mind).
  • Played at the Level with cousins. P. did monkey bars and dangled about a lot. L. did some great climbing too.
  • Dropped in at the big knit in at the art college with the same cousins, where we bumped into Peri and family and some other HE friends, and all had a nice time. P. was inspired to do a good amount of knitting by the big wool and small needles available there, and is still doing it in bed!
  • Done quite a lot of packing
  • Invented a secret language with cousin S (P).
  • Done lots of drawing, writing and reading, and forging £100 notes (L)

We've probably done other things too, but I'm a bit too frazzled to think of them now. Will try to blog again before we go.

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Jayne said...

I love when as home educators we sit and make lists of what we do in a week.
So diverse,yet so obvious to the lives of the people doing them.
Makes me think we should all keep a list for one specified week of the year and put them all together and make a big art installation/statistic fest!!!!!