Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We're off!

Last update before we set off on our holiday tomorrow. The kids and I are meeting Allie from work at the station, then going up to London to get the sleeper from Paddington to Penzance. Then by helicopter to the Isles of Scilly for a week, and back to the mainland for a second week in St. Ives. We're all very excited.


I was at work all day, and L. went to Allie's mum for his usual weekly visit. A. and P. played at the Level, where P. did lots of climbing and they ate chips. Later, she did a lot of maths from a Letts workbook.

In the evening I went to my knitting group, and finished off my latest project. I have been mending a knitted patchwork blanket made for me by my grandmother when I was little. Some of the patches had started to come unravelled, so I made new ones, unpicked the stitching of the blanket and sewed them in.

The finished blanket. The yellow and white panels are mine, and I reclaimed yarn for a couple of other new ones. 

Detail of the patchwork panels 

I never knew my grandmother – she lived in Australia, and my parents had left there when I was 15 months old and settled in England. My dad's not much of a one for family stories, but from what little I know of her I think she was a remarkable woman. She was educated at the village school – when my dad went there it had about twelve pupils altogether. She stayed on to help out and later became the teacher at the school. She raised seven children, all extraordinary people in their own ways. She taught my dad to knit, and he taught me. I'm very proud and happy to have restored her blanket.

My plan now, inspired by this, is to knit some Penrose tiles. Here's a page with some more about Penrose tilings, if you're interested.


A. was at work all day, and the delivery we were waiting for arrived nice and early, so we went to the park. P. and L. played beautifully together, stalking squirrels, chasing pigeons, climbing trees, swinging,


kicking a ball about, and befriending a man who was sweeping up leaves with a motorised broom. Leo found a stick and proclaimed it to be the only living member of a species of monkey that had been thought extinct. He was most offended when he left it on a swing and a woman moved it so she and her little girl could use the swing!

After a little rest at home, we went to Capoeira, for a good session, and dashed home to watch the programmes we'd taped on Discovery Kids.

Leo had bruised a finger in the park and it swelled up quite badly in the evening, so that he couldn't draw. Undaunted, he cut a piece of paper into an interesting shape and… "Voila! An alien spaceship." He played with it for quite a while.


Sarah said...

Hope you have a great holiday :)

peri said...

Hope you all have a lovely holiday. The caterpillars are fine quite a few are pupating - the others seem to be doing transcendtal meditation.

Dani - you've done a brilliant job on your blanket. It must be wonderful to see it restored, what a lovely thing to have.

Joyce said...

The blanket is lovely. Hope you all have a good holiday.

merry said...

Very inspired!