Sunday, July 24, 2005

End of term

Been a bit hopeless about keeping the blog up to date lately. Some highlights this week:

  • Various arts and crafts – Allie and the kids did painting on Wednesday, and I made myself a hat out of wire and scoubi strings, in preparation for our neighbourhood festival parade in a few weeks' time. I now need to make some papier mache fruit to put on it. Leo's planning a hat with eggs and P's going to have a herby one. I've also been doing more illusion knitting.
  • The last capoeira class before the summer break, which was really lovely. The group was small enough for Leo to feel comfortable, and he actually chatted with some of the other boys and joined in their game at the break. Both P. and L. played beautifully with the teacher at the end of the session.
  • P's last regular visit to her grandmothers' house before the summer. She came home with lavender to hang up to dry for a scented bag. Leo and I just hung about the house, which is what he likes best.
  • Lots of visits to the local park – just A. and the kids on Friday, with some local cousins on Saturday and with some grandparents today. It was lovely to see the grandparents (A's dad and his wife)
  • We made ice cream, which turned out to be too rich and egg custard-y for the kids, but we liked it ;-)
  • Quite a lot of bits and bobs in the house – colouring, Geomags, dot-to-dots, telling the time, computer games, reading books, a new Horrible Science magazine, lots of chatting…

We're all feeling a bit strange about the end of the school term. It has had a bigger impact on our lives than we were expecting – all our weekly routines are out the window. P. in particular is not good with changes of routine, and has been a bit short tempered.

I'm sure we'll get used to it soon, and it will be nice to be able to see our cousins during the week. To cheer ourselves up in the meantime, we've ordered some Fimo from these people.


Little Minx said...

The end of term always knocks me a bit sideways and I also normally stop 'work' which just seems to throw us even more. So this summer we are going to keep our workbooks just humming in the background and Boo might do some summer school ballet classes as she really struggles when routines change and everything stops. I WAS supposed to book them into drama classes but money was tight and I missed the spaces :-(.

Debbie Pritchard said...

we're lucky as our music group and home ed still run the same however everywhere else is full of people so we try and avoid the crowds, makes me cringe though how many Mums with kids off school can't wait for them to go back!!Might sound thick but what's a capoeira class?

Allie said...
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Allie said...

Capoeira is a brazilian martial art/ dance form. This site explains it a bit

We are lucky that our HE group is going on too, but we are fed up that we missed the council booklet of summer activities - because it is distributed through the schools. Dd wanted to do the mini tennis course but of course it's all booked up now. Oh well, we will know next year and be a bit more on the ball!

Debbie Pritchard said...

thanks I'm off to look, you see you learn something new every day..isn't life great