Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fimo arrived!

We have been very creative lately. Today was mostly taken up with making Fimo creations:
yes, this is a poo!

We also made this tortoise, as seen on the Big Bang on Discovery Kids this morning.

And Leo and I have been working on our hats – he's painted a blown egg and I papier mached an apple and a banana. Here's my scoubi hat, pre-fruit.

I turned my illusion knitting into a box to keep our remote controls in. You have to be at the right angle to see the dalek. All our names are round the sides.


Jenny said...

Love the all brown one , really made me giggle :-) You are v creative people, you put us to shame. Must discover Fimo, I'd never heard of it.

Little Minx said...

My sister and I went through a fimo craze that lasted years! Must get some for my lot.

dottyspots said...

Fimo is great stuff, although I'm not particularly successful with it. I can see the dalek on the box :0)

Allie said...

Fimo has really gone down a storm here - oven was on most of yesterday and a fair bit of today.

D is pleased you can spy the dalek!

peri said...

Wow and illusion Dalek - I will not show J (I'll never get any peace - lol). We love Fimo - I used to make bears for a local gift shop from it - still got some somewhere - it's such fun. A good thing to make is biro covers, using cheap bic style pens - and marbling the fimo - make great gifts too.

Love the poo! :0D

Dani said...

I can give you the chart for the dalek if you want, Peri. I'm now doing a waistcoat for L with daleks on the front (actually an improved version that is not so short and fat).