Sunday, July 10, 2005

Frogs, moths, ducklings, and a flying fox

Just back from a very pleasant weekend at my parents' house.


I was at work all day, and Allie and the kids spent the day packing and doing more work on the Quangle Wangle's hat. We met up at the station and had a very smooth journey there.

P. and L. were enthralled by my parents' new(ish) pond in the garden, which is full of frogs and newts. They spent a lot of time on Friday evening and throughout the weekend dipping for baby newts and waiting for bigger ones and frogs to make an appearance.


After the obligatory visit to the park across the road and the local sweet shop, we had lunch and visited an adventure playground and nearby woods.

P. went on a very fast flying fox, and had to hang on for dear life when it hit the end of its run. She redesigned it in her head, inventing a cable that got gradually thicker and so slowed down the thing towards the end.

Leo enjoyed it on his own terms.

We had a very long game of Monopoly in the afternoon, eventually won (as usual) by Allie.

In the evening, my father announced that he had learned it was National Moth Day and Night, and perhaps we should try to catch some moths. He produced a very impressive moth trap that they happen to have in their house (this is not as surprising as it might be – their house is full of stuff like that), and we set it up in the garden.


We opened the moth trap and looked at the roughly 80 moths we had caught. Some were very pretty. Now that I look at the website, I find we didn't keep detailed enough records to send our results in, but it was very interesting, nevertheless.

It was a beautiful day, so we threw some food in a bag and went across town to a lovely park, where there is a paddling pool, a miniature train, a river and a canal. On the way, we saw some tiny ducklings and a heron in the town centre pond.

The park was very lovely, there were loads of butterflies, trees, another heron, some fantastic damselflies.

We walked along the river at the end and my mum treated us to a taxi ride home, as the kids were pretty whacked after a day in the sun.

Our train home turned out not to exist, so we had to go through London. Both kids were a bit worried about this, after Thursday, but it was fine.

It was lovely to see my parents, and they even lent us their microscope, which I'm sure will be very useful.

I've finished a waistcoat for P. made of knitted Penrose tiles. It's a bit of a strange garment, but I'm quite pleased with it as a first attempt at the tiles. Bought some very soft wool the other day to make something similar for Leo.


Sarah said...

All sounds amazing as ever, especially the moth trap!

Jayne said...

It sound like a lovely weekend...I never heard those things being called flying foxes call them zip it a regional variation????

Allie said...

Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's just us that calls them flying foxes! I think we picked it up from kids in the local park, where there used to be one. I always think of zip lines as things that require a harness.

Heather said...

Sim and I call then flying foxes too, but haven't found anyone else in the UK who does- we picked it up in OZ.

Jayne said...

Do you mind then if I adopt it as I like it so much??
See if we can spread it round the north!!!
Jayne xxxx

Heather said...

btw, the waistcoat is very cute.

Allie said...

I'll pass on the compliment to D. re. waistcoat. Ta.

Jayne, as FF is an Oz expression, then 'go for your life'!