Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just a one liner

We have recently been discussing how we will approach the inevitable LEA contact later this year. Last year we had a home visit but D and I have been increasingly drawn to the idea of sending in a report instead - for lots of reasons. Leo doesn't seem that bothered what we do, but Pearl is strangely adamant that she wants a visit! She clinched the argument today with this superb non-sequitur:
" I like strange visitors, and anyway she looks like Sharon Osborne!"
So, there we are.


dottyspots said...


peri said...

As good a reason as any - very funny.

dawniy said...

lol well there ya go then lol nice one .
As a reply to does it annoy me that the school have offered us a place - no I dont find it annoying , I know they have good at heart - they know i've been very ill and like we've all said some people just don't understand us wanting to be with our kids! At least it has reaffirmed that the kids want to be at home and reassures me that they are enjoying their education. The kids are enjoying thinking that they are in demand lol :)

Jayne said...

my friends have LEA visits,and yeah...the children really like this stranger coming and admiring all their stuff and having to listen to them go on about their interests.
Good for her!!