Monday, August 08, 2005

Pride and piggies

We had a nice time at Pride, even if it wasn't as sunny as it might have been. I think it was probably the biggest ever Brighton Pride – the park seemed very crowded, and we were very glad of the foresight of our friends in Rainbow Families who had arranged for our stall to have a small enclosed space with a toilet in it. We were the envy of everyone in the park and had to keep turning people away who wanted to pay money for a toilet with a smaller queue!

We walked in the parade with Allie's mum, after watching the spectacular floats.

Our t-shirts were generally admired.

P. spent a lot of the day picking up feathers from the ground, and when we got home began work on a Sylvanian Pride. So far there's only one head-dress, stall and leaflet made, but she's planning a more extensive tableau.

For P. and L. the excitement of Pride was immediately eclipsed by today's expedition to fetch our new guinea pigs, Bunny

and Handkerchief.

We spent the afternoon shopping for more guinea pig supplies (A. and L.) and working on a guinea pig care rota and handbook (P. and D.) and the evening cuddling the piggies and letting them explore their run on the kitchen floor.

Bunny seems to be the braver and more dominant one, always making it to the food bowl first. But Hank has the funkier hairstyle!


Alison said...

Very cool T-shirts! Love the Pride rabbit too :)

Hankerchief is very cute, and what an ... erm ... lovely name ;-)

Deb said...

The Pride parade looks great and I do like your t-shirts :-). Our local one (very controversial *sigh*) took place this weekend too, but I hadn't the energy to go - just as well, really, because it would have left me knackered for going into labour a few hours afterwards LOL

Nic said...

looked like a fab day - might try and brave the crowds and come along next year :-)

Pigs very cute too

Em said...

looks like you all had a great time, fantastic t-shirt :o)

What cute g.pigs! Loving their names too.

Heather said...

Hank is gorgeous ;-)

Parade looks like a lot of fun :-)

Lin said...

The piggies are gorgeous! Just wanted to let you know (re reading voyage and Leo's disapointment) that Matt took his first reading book back for voyage today, a small chapter book like Leo's and he got his stickers, no fuss, no questions. Don't know if its worth you querying it? Seems so unfair.

Jules said...

very cute piggies :-)

Little Minx said...

There were some good pictures in the paper yesterday! I haven't done Pride since I left Brighton at 19- might next year!

LOVE the names :-)

dawniy said...

lovely pictures, looks like you're all having fun, love the guinea pigs - handkerchief would look cute in ribbons and feathers too :)