Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Too busy to blog!

Well, a catch up is really impossible this time. We've somehow managed to work our 'summer break' up into a constant buzz of activity. Dani is still working her usual hours (apart from the odd day of annual leave) but I'm on my four week break. This week in a few lines:

Monday 8th

Our HE group met up in a park where there were free entertainments laid on by the council. These summer entertainments are good fun. They have a bouncy castle, some arty activities and sporty stuff too. They also have a small 'stage' area and kids are invited up to sing a song or tell a joke. Pearl got up to tell two jokes – which she did with great confidence and style. We were impressed with her guts.

Tuesday 9th

We had local cousins around to play. Lots of friendly games, drawing and a quick play in the park. Pearl spent ages on the computer before her cousins arrived. She was typing out morse code in many colours for her cousins, so they could communicate in secret. She told us this week that she is currently most interested in codes and ciphers. This is an interest that comes and goes for Pearl, but at the moment she is certainly gripped.

Wednesday 10th

Pearl had a friend round for the afternoon – which was apparently a lot of fun. I took Leo to the cinema to see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film. He was gripped from start to finish. I liked the way Johnny Depp played Wonka but was annoyed that they'd mucked about with the ending. Dani had a fun time clearing out the kitchen cupboards!

Thursday 11th

We picked the cherries on our Morello tree and found we had about 12lbs of fruit! My mum helped us make jam with 6lbs of the fruit and we gave her the rest. The kids helped a fair bit with weighing and stoning fruit.

Friday 12th

Dani was at work all day. I took the kids to B&Q to buy supplies for making a ramp for our guinea pigs. This is a long story but basically the little ramp inside their hutch is way too steep and scary for our big piggies. Leo and Pearl loved B&Q and I treated them to signs for their bedroom doors ('No food and drink to be consumed in this area' and 'Staff only'!) and we staggered home laden with stuff and considerably poorer.

In the afternoon we went up to the park to find the free entertainment again. Pearl bounced a bit and Leo played a lovely game where he created a nest of baby crocodiles in the roots of large tree.

In the evening (and indeed late into the night!) Dani and I made a ramp for the piggies. This was a major task for us as neither of us is very handy but we were very impressed with the finished article. The GPs took a while to get used to it, but they are using it happily now.

The finished ramp Piggies' palace

Saturday 13th

We spent most of Saturday sorting out stuff we wanted to sell, and cleaning up old bikes and toys. In the evening we gave the GPs their first bath. Pity we didn't get any photos of that but we had our hands full of wet furry beasties. The pigs were remarkably calm about the whole thing and they looked very sleek afterwards.

Sunday 14th

Sunday was our local community festival. We live in a very vibrant and tight-knit community of a few streets and this annual event is always fun. Dani and Pearl took part in the parade, while Leo and I worked our stall. The parade was a wonderful Brighton mix. The local church plays a part and the statue of the Virgin was carried by two men (one in leather and one in a kilt), a local samba band was playing, many kids had homemade hats, two people were on stilts, etc!

Pearl's salad bowl hat - with real salad Dani's fruity hat

The parade Displaying our wares

The kids love this community day in much the same way that they enjoy Pride – both celebrations of our lives in this wonderful city, with all its wonderful people. I could say a lot more about this stuff, and how important it is to us as a family, especially in response to Jane's comment about the naff and embarrassing nature of our t-shirts at Pride, but I'm too tired tonight.

We had a very successful day – sold lots of things we didn't need and Pearl was very brave about letting things go. She didn't part with many things of her own, and was pretty unhappy about the things the rest of us decided to sell, but she was comforted by the thought that they went to people nearby. She was also motivated by our promise to split the proceeds four ways. The kids spent a lot of pocket money on the other stalls and Leo went off 'shopping' alone for the first time, managing the whole thing himself.

Monday 15th

Today we went off to Kew gardens for a family get-together (D's parents, D's sister and partner, their two kids, and two Aussie relatives of D's). We were pretty shattered but had a lovely day anyway. I battled a migraine that threatened for a while but the kids never stopped. Kew has so many beautiful trees and the kids love having the chance to just run for long distances without encountering a road. There was an exhibition of glass sculptures around Kew – they looked wonderful in the temperate house, like exotic plants.

So, that's all I can manage tonight – must try to blog more often.


Little Minx said...

Busy busy busy! Our summer holidays always go this way!

i grew up in Brighton and loved it. Not my idea of a place to live now as I'm sad and old and want to live in the middle of nowhere LOL! BUT we go there all the time and really enjoy it. It has become such a vibrant place to be and seems to have been caught up in that 'place to have stayed' like doing Australia or India. I think it is fantastic how you all get so involved with so much that goes on where you live. You don't just live in Brighton you are part of it.

I didn't see the T shirt comment so I'm guessing here but what did someone expect at a Gay event- no mention of the fact that you are a lesbian?

You live your lives with pride, you put so much into your kids and they have wonderful imaginations and I am proud that you don't rise to the bait and you live you life how you want to.

Heather said...

Lucky GP's!!!

But we definitly need pictures of a just-bathed Hank :-)


Allie said...

Thanks, Roslyn, for your heartwarming words!

Interested to hear you grew up in Brighton - maybe we knew each other as children? Didn't go to Stringer by any chance, did you?

Will try to have a photographer at hand next time we are bathing GPs!

Nic said...

Sounds lovely and exhausting. Very envious of you living in such a community strong area. We're just about 10 miles down the road but a very different feel ;-)