Monday, September 12, 2005

Back to life, back to reality

Not a proper catch-up, but here's a few highlights from the last few days:
  • More bike riding for P (in an eerily deserted park), followed by a visit from our 8 year-old HE friend, J. He and our two had a Doctor Who fest, with a DVD, talking dalek and other such delights. Much hilarity all round.
  • Allie and the kids tried out a new HE group, with the aim of finding some people the same age or a bit older than P. as she is the oldest child in our regular group. All three found people they enjoyed playing/chatting with, and they'll probably go back. It meets twice a month, which is nice for us as it's not so much of a commitment as another weekly thing. Also there's no particular focus, so there's no need for preparation. At our weekly group, everyone puts in a lot of effort to bring stuff for the kids to do around broad themes, and that works really well in our small, stable group with mainly young children. But I don't think we could put in that kind of effort for two groups!
  • The kids and I popped in on the main event of the Brighton & Hove Food Festival, which turned out to be very interesting. We picked up free samples when we could, tried home-made lemonade and later saw it being made, won a peach and a plum at the 'fruit shy', and marvelled at the chicken and turkey that had been brought along by the people from Hen Heaven.
  • We all enjoyed a lovely visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace, with another family from our weekly HE group. The kids and I had never been there before, and Allie last went on a school trip when she was 11. It was great, with splendid mosaics, simple and fun activities for the kids, informative museum displays, a fascinating Roman kitchen garden and lots of inviting green hills to run up and down. We saw a nice AV presentation, with pictures of the original excavation in the 1960s, showing the mosaics emerging from under the bare fields, and stories of the people behind the various finds. We resolved to go back soon!


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Alison said...

Fishbourne looks good :) We always used to go to Lullingstone Villa (in Kent) when I was at school, my history teacher wrote a book about it.

Hope your venture to the new group proves successful!