Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Roman Day

We had a weekend of birthdays – two of our local cousins turned 4 and 8, and Allie's birthday fell on the day between theirs. All these occasions were celebrated with cake, chocolate, etc. There was a party at the cousins' house, and a pottery painting party in town. Allie got to spend a day on her own in London at the Home Education Fair, and both of us spent a pleasant couple of hours mooching around town while the kids were painting pottery.

Monday's HE group was our last outdoor meet of the year on a surprisingly hot day at a park near the seafront with a paddling pool. It was a bit sad, as it was the day the pool was being drained, so the kids had to get in there while the water dwindled around them.

Tuesday was unusual, because A's mum had to spend the day making arrangements for a family funeral, so couldn't look after Leo. Instead, Allie and the kids did an emergency food shop and then P. researched a Roman evening meal, for the first instalment of Roman Day.

She found two useful recipes on this site – spicy lentils

Roman spicy lentils
which was quite nice but a bit too vinegary for P. and L., and sweet toast (sometimes called honeyed bread in the books), which was so yummy we ate it all up before we had time to take a photo.

P. wore her toga, sandals and bulla for the meal.
Roman Pearl

Allie was struck down by a bad migraine overnight and stayed in bed all day, so I didn't go to work this morning, and we continued Roman Day with a breakfast of bread and fruit (did the Romans have houmous, does anyone know?), followed by several good games of marbles in the garden and some writing on wax tablets (improvised out of plasticine and tupperware lids).
wax tablet with dalek by Leo wax tablet with Roman writing and numerals by Pearl

We did our best to make a Roman lunch from a basically empty fridge, and I read a chapter from the Diary of a young Roman girl, which A. had borrowed from her work.

We gave up being Roman after that, and the kids watched an interesting documentary called Quest for the Lost Pharaoh, while I did a quick Tesco shop and some ironing.

We stopped in the park for 15 minutes on the way to capoeira, and the kids did a bit of archaeology (finds included a dragon/dalek egg, some roman pottery and a metal watering can rose). P. did two capoeira classes and rode her bike home. This is the only thing I have ever known that can tire her out.

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