Friday, September 16, 2005

The Romans ate stuffed dormice

This week we have been thinking about:


Following our visit to Fishbourne, we are on a Romans kick – Allie and the kids spent time today putting some of the things we've done onto a big poster for our kitchen wall. P. made herself some Roman sandals out of cardboard and string, and a bulla out of fleece. We've all been doodling mosaic designs, with the help of this brilliant book. Leo is working on a lovely cardboard shield. And we've been reading endless books and websites about the Romans. P. wants to make a Roman crane – we think we might base it around a hamster wheel.


Leo spent some pocket money on another little dragon to be a sister to the Tiamat he bought last weekend. The new one is named Fafnir, after the dragon slain by Sigurd in the ancient Norse legend (but ours is a girl dragon). Tiamat is the name of the dragon in Jeremy Hatcher, Dragon Hatcher, which we have now finished. He and I made a dragon world for them to live in.


P. and I went to our local community association AGM, where there was a discussion about the refuse and recycling service, with speakers from the council. P. enjoyed this immensely, especially the bit with wine and nibbles at the end.


Our HE group met at the flat park at the bottom of our hill and all the kids had a fine time scooting and cycling around, then getting soaked in the paddling pool (even though it was really not the weather for it).


We are finally back to our weekly routine of visits to Allie's mum for each child. This is a source of great joy for both kids. Today we had some bonus grandparents when A's dad and his wife popped in to deliver her birthday present. We are also very grateful to all the grandparents for their frequent contributions of educational resources – this week's crop includes a lovely Romans book, one on evacuees, a diary of a girl who emigrated to America at the turn of the century, and a book of autumnal activities, money for aforementioned hamster wheel, some promised recorders (currently living unplayed on top of my parents' piano), a bag full of feathers, and a clever device for making…


The kids discovered that they liked sunflower sprouts, and indeed beansprouts of all kinds. So we're planning to make our own.


P. played a new French lotto game (direct from France) at the grandmothers' house. There's also been bits of conversation about latin roots (aqueduct, viaduct, … abduct), and Leo invented a new word, combining submerge and immerse to form 'immerge'.


Heather said...

Love the sandals Pearl :-)
I'm going to show them to Pip in the morning!

Dani said...

Hi, we've missed you! Are you blogging?

Dani said...

Sorry, Heather, hadn't seen your email before I posted that.

Sarah said...

Sandals are cool, we're still exploring the "nasty" food here. The kids made plates of stuff with salt dough today - I baked it tonight and we're painting tomorrow