Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Walking, talking, life and stuff

It's too late tonight to do a proper blog – here's some random things!

On Sunday morning we went on a walk organised by Woodcraft Folk. It had rained during the previous night but the sun came out and it was beautiful. There was a choice between 3, 6 or 9 mile walks. Leo insisted that he wanted to do the nine miler and we flatly refused. We did the three mile walk and as we slogged up the steep downland hill on the way back he declared:
"I feel like I've done the nine mile walk…"
Sunday afternoon we went down to the Labour Party Conference to take part in a demonstration about the plight of Omar Deghayes, with Brighton cousins S and D. Pearl had a good shout and declared that George Blair should be listening. She gets Bush and Blair confused sometimes, but then, who can blame her? Topics of conversation included state surveillance and torture – educational but sad

On Monday our HE group met up – back in the hall again for the winter. Pearl spent nearly all the time outside and showed little interest in the activities on offer. Leo got irate when people didn't want to play 'stuck in the mud' endlessly – mainly because he had exhausted himself running about. Looks like we all need to adjust to the changing season and the move back indoors.

Today was Leo's day to go to the grandmothers' house. He had a great time 'discovering' a bone in the garden – which I believe they had planted there for him! He also read a book to his grandmothers and was very pleased with himself as it was 'really fat'!

Meanwhile Pearl and I had a nice quiet afternoon. We had to pop in to the funeral directors as I had to drop off some music for a family funeral next week. They had little mini coffins on display, which Pearl thought were musical boxes. When we got home we cuddled up on the sofa with a maths workbook thing. I don't know why but Pearl really likes to do this with me – just the two of us. There were just a few things to complete in the Letts age 8/9 book she has – so she finished the book. I popped it in the filing cabinet and Pearl said she'd "show it to that Sharon Osborne woman" the LEA bod who does look a bit her I suppose. But if we keep referring to her as Sharon Osborne I'll be in great danger of saying it to her face.

Kids were alternately scrapping and cuddling/giggling this evening but it looked like ending in tears, so I suggested we try a game from a number pack I brought home from work. One of the perks of my job is freebie stuff that would otherwise be thrown away from the teaching resources collection. This pack has several sets of number cards up to 100 and suggested games. We had to pick games that Leo could handle and Pearl was great at helping him and being nice. Leo finds numbers quite mysterious but is always so pleased to work something out that it is quite enjoyable to watch him.

Dani was out tonight so both kids snuggled in Leo's bed for a chapter of Olga da Polga. It is a bit bizarre bur since acquiring guinea pigs of our own both kids seem to like it.

Anyway, must go and check ebay to see how we're doing on an auction. Pearl lost a bag of precious Sylvanians on the bus on Friday and we're trying to replace some at low(ish) cost – some hope!


Anonymous said...

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merry said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, i appreciated it.

Wah on SF's - any chance they got handed in?

Allie said...

Sadly the Sylvanians are really lost. We phoned the bus company but they weren't handed in - just too tempting I guess.

Merry's worries over nursery have sparked so many memories for me I think I feel a post coming on...

Jayne said...

Oh no!
My big girl has still moments of sadness about a special beanie baby cat wearing a hand knitted cardy and hat ,which she left on a bus............poor P.
Keep phoning them though for the next few days,we had good luck with lost library books,they just took several days to come to light!