Thursday, September 08, 2005

Where were we??

Lost the plot!

I have no idea what we've been doing that has left us too tired to blog, but we have been busy. Let's see if I can recall…

Thursday 1st September
I spent the morning cleaning the filthy kitchen and the afternoon at work, but Dani and the kids had more fun. They went to a big Brighton park to ride bikes with some cousins, an aunt and a grandmother! The park has a bike hire place, where Dani hired a bike and trailer for two kids (her own Brompton is no good with a trailer), and kids hired assorted bikes and trikes. Pearl had her beloved new bike with her and had a wonderful time whizzing about, apart from riding through a massive dog poo. Dani worked hard at giving kids rides.
Leo rode a large tricycle and, with help from his grandmother, made great progress in pedalling and steering. He finds it very challenging to manage this kind of thing and was clearly thrilled with himself declaring it to be "the best thing I've ever done!" I love it that he can be pleased with his own achievements and doesn't keep comparing himself to other people. Most five year olds seem to have been riding trikes around for years, and a lot of them ride bikes, but Leo doesn't seem to care. Pearl was hurtling around on trikes and scooters from two, and we were wondering if maybe it was just something Leo would never do. But suddenly, a five and a half, he is doing it. It's wonderful to see him take his time and glory in his own achievements.

Friday 2nd September
Nothing much to say. We went shopping for lots of fleece fabric to use as bedding for our guinea pigs. We are using old towels underneath and fleece on top, which we change and wash daily. It's a bit like going back to the days of nappies!

Saturday 3rd September
More park fun with cousins for D and kids, while I went to work.

Sunday 4th September
We paid a brief visit to Rainbow Families (gay parents and their children group) where we met a load more babies! In the afternoon Dani and Pearl rode their bikes the three miles out to our beach hut. Leo and I went on the bus and on the way we went to the bookshop to collect a new book for Leo. I read him the first book in this series, which he enjoyed, but when he discovered the title of the next book in the series he was wildly excited. Dragons are emerging as Leo's new interest, coming from his previous interest in eggs. He was so thrilled to collect his new book (which he paid for himself our of saved pocket money) that he squeaked and hopped his way back to the bus stop.
We had a lovely afternoon at the beach hut. Dani and I both swam in the sea, Leo dug holes in the beach and Pearl rode off to the café for ice lollies. Pearl's bike is fast becoming a part of her body. She and Dani rode home and beat me and Leo using the buses. It's lucky that there is a bike path all along the sea front, and one from the bottom of our hill to the sea.

Monday 5th September
I took the kids to our HE group, which was a lovely outdoor meet to say farewell to our little friend H, who has decided to go to school. We will miss her and her mum J. We were able to give her a book bag for her new school, as she is going to the same school that Pearl used to attend. I think this was an important step for Pearl who hates to let things go, but who has really settled into being HE and felt able to pass her book bag on to someone who could use it.

Tuesday 6th September
Dani was at work all day. The kids spent a very busy day at home with their cousin B (5). The boys played a game which involved hurling all the cuddly creatures from Leo's room onto the basement floor. Pearl set up a bookshop and also rode her bike in the street.

Wednesday 7th September
This morning Dani went to work. I was feeling very 'start of term-ish' as all our local cousins are now back at school and the street is suddenly much quieter too. I had a sudden urge to suggest things to the kids, who promptly took themselves off to do quiet things on their own. Pearl made some numbers using Lego, which she stuck in the front window of the house. Leo played an imaginary game with an egg box that was being a dragon.
In the afternoon I went to work. Dani took the kids to capoeira. Pearl rode her bike for half an hour in the nearby park, then did the first capoeira class with Leo and then the next class as well. Then she rode home up the very steep hill. She was very slightly tired tonight, but she still had the energy to clamber up door frames until bed time. Leo did very well in his capoeira class, which was peopled mainly by very overtired little children who had spent a stressful day at school. He managed to stay focussed, played an instrument and played a game in the final roda.

We must blog more frequently. If you've read this far – thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, you really have some interesting stuff on your site. keep at it.


merry said...

My lot have all been late bikers too, can't do everything i guess. :D

(Not advertising viagra though - quite made me laugh, can't imagine its a very appropriate advert on your blog somehow!)

a said...

Hi there!
All sounds good, it is a weird time of year isn't it, with so many children suddenly disappearing. First time it's meant anything to me.
G and S said they had seen you recently too.