Sunday, October 02, 2005

Burning the candle at both ends

An exhausting few days, including a mammoth trip to the Science Museum for Allie and the kids on Friday. They saw a 3D film at the IMAX cinema about landing on the moon; enjoyed a lecture about rockets, complete with exploding hydrogen-filled balloons; and explored the museum's collection of early radio equipment in the company of a fascinating curator.

They all enjoyed the day, but were struggling with exhaustion, because they had to get up at 6.30 in order to be there on time for the film showing. We also blew loads of money on train tickets to travel at such an unearthly hour.

Other recent highlights have been:
  • Another good capoeira class for both P. and L. on Wednesday.
  • P. made lavender ice cream and read a funny French picture book with her grandmother on Thursday, while Leo accompanied me to work to do an emergency lunch cover. He amused himself beautifully on a spare computer and was no trouble at all.
  • P's trampolining class started again today, and two of our home ed friends came along to give it a try, which was lovely.
  • We looked at the stars this evening with a local cousin who has a telescope. We were trying to find Mars, but it turned out the house was in the way. It was interesting, anyway.
  • Some good conversations about how toys marketed at little girls tend to be quite hideous – heads with long hair attached to strange pod-like bodies, or with no body at all, just hands. A. and L. had a chat about how labelling toys for boys or girls is silly.
  • L. and P. both worked on codes this afternoon. This is a frequent activity for P, but the first time L has really followed it through. He made up a very complicated code with multiple symbols for each letter, and he and I sent each other coded messages.
  • Leo demanded a map of the world, out of the blue one evening, so he could see where the slaves who invented capoeira had come from, where Brazil was, and why the 15th century explorers had thought they could reach China by sailing west from Europe.

Must sleep now, another busy day tomorrow…


Little Minx said...

Thinking of joining the capoeria lessons after speaking to Ed about it!

Allie said...

That would be good. P is amazed you'd come 'all the way from Eastbourne'!