Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Downs and ups

I will attempt a single sentence for each day as we have got so far behind!

Thursday 20th
I went to work and D and the kids went to the sixth birthday party of an HE friend, held in the local park.

Friday 21st
I took the kids to the library in the rain and then to the park in the sunshine!

Saturday 22nd
Began at four am with Leo vomiting in his bed and continuing to do so at hourly intervals for the rest of the day.

Sunday 23rd
Leo fully recovered so Dani went with both kids to an event in town organised by Brighton Black History called Gateway to History – tried on saris, salwar kameez, did rangoli pictures, took part in story telling and ate yummy food.

Monday 24th
HE group in pouring rain with toys and games/quizzes/logic puzzles – based loosely on humans theme.

Tuesday 25th
Pearl had former school friend for lunch and play and Leo had cousin B for same – very happy play all round.

Wednesday 26th
Morning was a quiet time at home – more below. In the afternoon Dani took P and L to meet up with some HE group friends for a show by the marvellous Stomp! P declared it 'brilliant' and L was happy to see his good friend J. P went straight on to capoeira where they had a stand in teacher as the regular one was away.

A wonderful HE morning

This past week has been tiring and pretty stressful. As well as being busy and having Leo so sick for a whole day (one of those times when the washing machine runs non-stop for 12 hours!) we have had some challenging debate going on at our HE group and my mum phoned from her holiday flat in Crete to tell us she had fallen and dislocated her shoulder. She is now home and resting – but it was worrying for us all and confirmed my fear that I do not have a valid passport – you never know when you may need one.

So this morning we decided to snatch a few hours just being at home. Dani went to work and the kids and I got up slowly. After breakfast I decided to make another geometric paper window decoration. We have had a book about these for some time and I made a shape yesterday while the kids were playing upstairs with friends.

The sight of me sitting down and making something at the table inspired Leo to switch off the telly. This is something of a small miracle as it is 'scooby week' on Boomerang. He had earlier been fascinated by a picture of the Blue Peter tortoise in a book of Pearl's, so he decided to make one. He drew a tortoise on some card, cut it out, attached a length of shirring elastic, and tethered it to the radiator in the hallway. After that he pottered and made another beautiful comic.

Leo's tortoise

Leo's comic cover and one of the pages

Pearl decided to make a pulley type device (actually something like a fan belt in the end). She has had a fascination with pulleys, and similar things, since she was four or five. Today she decided to draw her design in her 'inventions notebook' – she had it complete in her head before she started. I love watching her describe these inventions – she uses her hands to sketch it all out in the air and it is clear she can see it before her. Anyway, she used little wooden plant sticks, lolly sticks, and a cotton reel. The whole thing worked just as she had envisaged it, though it has collapsed this evening. We talked a lot about engineers, what they do and how they train. She told me that when she grows up she may be an engineer and do archaeology as a hobby. When she had finished her invention she did another design in her book, ready to be made another day.

Pearl's invention

As we chatted Pearl suddenly declared:
" I like being home ed."
Leo responded,
"I LOVE being home ed."

This was just the boost I needed after a tough week.


Alison said...

I like reading about your home ed :)

And I LOVE that invention!

kathy said...

It was lovely to read about your week, I am inspired to start a blog myself, but whether I will actually get round to it is another matter. See you soon I hope. Love Kathyxx

a said...

Leo I love your comics! (forgot to say so when we met!)
Pearl - thank you for putting up with Freya's 'attachment' to you.
It was lovely to meet you all and we hope to see you again soon.

Heather said...

Poor Leo!

Love all the creativity :-) Very impressed with Pearl's invention and Leo's tortoise.


ps- thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog...I tried to thank you on there but ran into technical difficulties (for a while it insisted that any comments I made were spam and sent me smug emails alerting me that it had trashed my comments! Think I've sorted it now though.)