Tuesday, October 04, 2005



Pottered about at home in the morning, then Allie went to work, and the rest of us went swimming with some local cousins. Leo went down the slide without me catching him, and was pleased to find he could touch the bottom of the pool with his feet.


Allie had to go to a funeral, so I took the day off work and went to the HE group with the kids. This was lovely – we were looking at the moon and stars, and everyone had brought interesting books and resources. We dropped stones into flour to make craters, used a scale model of the earth and moon to see just how far away it is (further than you think!), read moon-related stories and myths, wrote moon poems. Some people made lovely star and moon mobiles out of straws and paperclips, while Leo and his friend J. spent ages making comics which had nothing to do with the moon, and P. lay on the grass outside reading her book, The Thieves of Ostia.

The eclipse in the morning set the day up very nicely – we all enjoyed projecting the image of the sun onto P's bedroom wall, and noticed the strangely dim quality of the sunlight outside as the moon cast its shadow.

In the evening, P. and I went to Woodcraft Folk, where we unpacked shopping bags to find out where the food came from, then marked the countries on a map, and had a discussion about fair trade, global warming, Nestle boycott, etc – some very clued up kids at Woodcraft! Some were a bit more unruly and inconsiderate than I would have liked, at the end of a long day, but I think it went quite well overall.


Leo went to A's mum. Not sure what he did there, but it wore him out! He was thrilled to be given a big canine tooth that the grandmothers dug up on their allotment.

Pearl and Allie watched The Madness of King George, which we got free with the Guardian on Saturday. I think P. was quite shocked at the way he was treated. Extremely educational, I'm sure. As Allie said, you don't get to watch great films like that until you're doing A levels if you go to school.

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Alison said...

Haven't been here for ages! Daft of me really, as I always enjoy reading about what your two have been up to :)

Glad to hear life is going along nicely :)