Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pause for breath

We've both been working a lot, and the kids have been busy with their stuff too.

Leo has rediscovered drawing, after a bit of a pause, inspired by his mammoth comic making session at Monday's group. He has been making comics, with lots of POWs and BATONGs, goodies and villains, dragons and daleks, all spelt in his own inimitable style.

He and Allie made a nest. She followed his instructions carefully, and together they made a nest from an old tissue box, with loo roll tube baby triceratopses. When it was finished he said "Now, we need to find something to act as vegetation, because it said on Tale of a Tooth that when vegetation rots, it produces heat". Once the babies were suitably insulated with string, he cut up paper to be the broken eggshells, as found in fossil dinosaur nests.

In the library, he found a Ricky Ricotta book, found a comfy seat, and sat silently reading – 58 pages – until it was time to go home for lunch.

Pearl had a grandmothers visit, during which she took photographs at the allotment and picked lots of lovely flowers.

When she got home, she was seized by a desire to try out the tiny candle she had made from Babybel wax. Visiting grandmother (who used to be a science teacher) was quite interested in this, and hung around to help. We therefore did a very scientific experiment, involving making another candle with a thicker wick and weighing the two balls of wax left over to see which was heavier. We also talked about the colours of flames, and threw some salt on the gas cooker to see the lovely sodium flame colour.

While this was going on, Leo was doing his own experiment with water and scrunched up paper. At one point bubbles appeared in his cup of water. Visiting grandmother said this was like the bubbles in a fizzy drink and asked him what he thought those bubbles were. He said, without missing a beat, "carbon dioxide", and carried on with what he was doing.

P. has also been thinking a lot about codes. At the bus stop today she was explaining to Allie how Morse code was really invented by someone else, and had just been appropriated by Morse. She then demonstrated her own version, in which a dot is a hop and a dash is a jump – thus combining PE, history and maths in one fell swoop.

This evening she asked for a Dictaphone, and the two of them spent a happy hour or so taping themselves and giggling. We then had a lovely, peaceful evening, with Allie on the computer, Pearl and Leo sat at the table doing French knitting and drawing, and me knitting on the sofa.


merry said...

"thus combining PE, history and maths in one fell swoop."

rofl - don't you just love HE!

Heather said...

Stop, stop- it's too good!!!

Leo sounds like such an awesome little kid :)

Pip had a door frame climbing accident yesterday- thought of Pearl, glad you're all having so much fun!

Allie said...

Oh, poor Pip! Hope she wasn't badly hurt.