Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Penultimate perils, groups and experiments

Life is getting a bit frantic again here but we seem to be inviting it!

Went to our weekly HE group. The session was rather spoiled by a huge pile of dog poo on the grass area where the kids run around. It ended up on three kids feet and through the entrance hall. Everything got a bit much so we sloped off early and, as we had a couple of hours all together, we went off to the park. We found two other HE families in the park, who told us all about another weekly HE group for over sixes, that runs locally. The sessions are run by a paid worker (with a rota of parent help) and the kids do topics that last a few weeks at a time. We think we can work it in to our weekly schedule for P, so she's going for a trial session in a couple of weeks.

I know it must be hard to imagine for people in areas with fewer HE families, but here we know of six weekly groups within reach, as well as a fortnightly one. We have a commitment to our existing weekly one, and I think we can commit to another for P – especially one where we drop her off! We have to guard against getting too busy.

P went to Woodcraft in the evening and Leo made this cool Hama bead robot

The kids and I went to town to collect 'The penultimate peril' – book 12 in the Series of Unfortunate Events books. Dani and I have been reading it aloud to both, and struggling to catch up on the chapters we miss!

We had an arty afternoon. Pearl declared a desire to make a collage of a sheep – which she did.

Then she wrote a Haiku about book 12.

Penultimate book
Violet, Klaus and Sunny
Are volunteers now.

Leo also made a collage, and then drew a lot more comic book stuff.

This picture shows the explosion of the planet, among other things. The superhero is called Super Squidgey.

I felt full of cold this morning, so we did a bit of book 12 reading in our pjs. Then the kids disappeared upstairs to make a secret den in Leo's room, while I did a Tesco shop online.

Pearl informed us that she has recently been watching a lot of great 'How its made' programmes on Discovery Science. She likes to watch TV from our bed, on her own.

Pearl also wrote a letter to her Leicestershire cousins this afternoon – we have no idea what was in it, but the envelope was hexagonal.

Science in the bath

This evening I was very tired when I got in from work but Leo declared he wanted a bath. So I sat in the bathroom with a cup of tea and observed L enjoying a wonderful bath. He lectured me on many things:

"Now, there is some oxygen contained in the water. But if our lungs filled with water we would drown."

"If I mix some of this crazy soap and water, the chemicals might combine to form an explosive. I'll just add a specimen to my test tube and see what effect it has."

"Action man won't go under the water until all the bubbles are out."

There was a lot more along these lines. I particularly enjoyed his attempts at creating an explosive out of crazy soap. He loves to use the right vocabulary and it amazes me how well he does this and how much he has observed about the scientific method.

Both kids have been doing some experiments recently with balloons that contain a bit of water. They call these chromatography balloons, as they think the colour of the balloon is changed by the water. This activity was Leo's idea originally but Pearl soon got involved. Both kids had theories about what would happen to the water in the balloon. Leo thought it would come out with the force of the air going in as you blew it up. Pearl thought the water would evaporate inside the balloon extremely quickly. Actually we now have several balloons around that have water inside. They are fun to play with and the kids have observed a lot about them: they roll strangely as the water moves inside the balloon, they feel cold on your hand, they fall very fast compared to a balloon containing air. I think balloons are one of the top HE resources we have ever bought – they get used for everything and they are cheap!


Joyce said...

Dani - just to say that would be fantastic if you could have a go at printing my disk off for me. It was originally done on a 486 with Win 3.1, so unless it's degraded over the years, then hopefully it will work. Can I post it to you, and then see you at the party? Obviously happy to pay for the printing. My email is highlandquean2000 at yahoo dot co dot uk Many thanks.

Alison said...

I thought of you lot twice today :)

First time was when C came home from town and said he'd tried to buy 'Book the Twelfth' as a surprise, but he was convinced it was called "The Nameless Novel" IRL, and couldn't find it, lol.

And then just now we watched 'Ocean's Twelve' and there was an entertaining piece of capoiera in it :)

Looking forward to hearing about the new HE group when P goes along.