Sunday, October 16, 2005

This week, we have mostly been…

  • Playing capoeira – we had our usual classes on Wednesday, and a special class with Mestre Laercio on Saturday. P. was fantastic, and played twice in the roda. She was quite cross she didn't get to play with the mestre himself – maybe next time!
  • Socialising – after the capoeira workshop we ended up in the nearest park and bumped into several other capoeristas, including a HE family we have recently made friends with, and had a nice relaxed play for an hour or so. On Thursday we had a visit from another HE friend – lots of Transformers chat and general rampaging. And last night we had a sleepover visit from cousin S, then met up again with her and her brother in the park this afternoon.
  • Cooking – I made bread rolls on Thursday, and we finally got round to doing some bean sprouts this week. They sprouted astonishingly fast, and the kids declared them to be "just as good as the ones made by professional bean sprouters".
  • Pottering about in the house – including lots of drawing, some maths in a workbook (P), playing Monopoly, trying out some games in a cuisenaire rods book A. printed off the internet, watching TV, reading blogs, making Hallowe'en costumes, creating playmobil scenes, etc.
  • Trying to kill fruit flies – we found out that our compost bin has caused a serious infestation in our next door neighbours' house. Aargh! Luckily, neighbours are very understanding, but we are now trying everything we can think of to get rid of the little beasties.


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I really enjoy reading your blog :-)

Seems as if there's plenty of Halloween costume-making going on.