Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Another exhausting week

Life is relentlessly eventful round here. I'll attempt another swift catch up…

Thursday 27th October

Allie's mum is incapacitated by her injured shoulder (now thoroughly x-rayed and discovered to be broken), so both kids were home. Lots of Hallowe'en preparations.

Friday 28th October

Lovely visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace for their Roman Army week activities. Allie went with our two, and their cousin B. and his mum. They had to complete a range of tasks – eat Roman food, practice drill with swords, shields and helmets, throw stones and spears, make clay medals, watch the apothecary make potions, have a 'tattoo' on their hands - to earn their day's pay, a replica denarius. All three kids had a great time. A. picked up some half price books, including the next of the Roman Mysteries for P., and the kids spent their pocket money on coins, cuddly boars, etc.

Saturday 29th October

Off to Lancing for Nic's party, dressed as witches, a vampire and a dragon.

Failed to meet the Where the Days go gang at the station, but found them on the train, and shared an enjoyable meal of chips in a caff at the other end. Party was quite a surreal experience – a bit like being in a room full of people you've seen on the telly. Nice to meet everyone, finally.

Sunday 30th October

A family gathering at the ailing grandmother's house. Allie had to go to work, but popped in on her way, and the rest of us went over there later.

Monday 31st October

A mad day, involving HE group in the morning, followed immediately by a meeting of the grown ups in the group at a pub with attached play area, followed immediately by a Woodcraft Folk Halloween party, followed immediately by trick or treating with cousins.

HE group theme of 'favourite things' was a great success – Leo took his dragons, Fafnir and Tiamat, and a dragons book, P. took some Sylvanians, her coin collection, and her current Roman Mystery – she's going through them at a rate of knots.

Tuesday 1st November

Quiet and productive day at home, followed by manic after school arrangements with cousins.

Wednesday 2nd November

More pottering at home – tracing, comics, secret detective work, maths worksheets from Enchanted Learning - followed by capoeira classes with cousins.


Nic said...

pmsl @ the party being like being in a room with people off the telly - that's EXACTLY how I felt at Melrose - like I had stumbled onto the set of Eastenders or something! (Of course with The Clarkes being TV stars anyway it was slightly true!)

Thank you so much for coming along, same time next year? :-)

HelenHaricot said...

It was lovely meeting you for a first time. And if SB turns into P - that seems to be no bad thing!

Alison said...

Was lovely to see you in person, would be great to do it again in slightly calmer circumstances ;-) Wish I could have chatted more but I seemed to be endlessly herding children or sweeping ...

What are the Roman mysteries P's reading? Sounds like the sort of thing our P would like.

Allie said...

We'd love to meet up with all you muddle puddlers again. I'm sure we will at some point.

Pearl is reading the roman mysteries series by Caroline Lawrence. There are ten in the series so far - but she has publication dates planned for the next eight!

The first one in the series is 'The thieves of Ostia'. Pearl has never read a series quite as fast, or with such dedication - so I'd take that as a firm recommendation!