Monday, November 14, 2005

Fruity Fun

Went to our weekly HE group today. We've started a new system where we take it in turns to bring activities, rather than all bringing something every week. It was our turn today, and Allie struggled over there with two enormous bags of fruit and equipment for making fruit salads and smoothies. A few other families were also on the rota, so there was also houmous making, spice grinding, discovering exotic fruits, investigating a variety of eggs, and an impressive experiment where an egg was pushed through the neck of a milk bottle by air pressure, after burning a piece of paper inside the bottle created a vacuum. It was hard work, but all the kids joined in with something or other, and it was a successful start to the new plan, I think.

While P. was at Woodcraft Folk this evening, talking about refugees and migration, we made a new home for our guinea pigs, following the plans given on It takes up less of our kitchen, and we think they'll be happy there.

Last week included:
  • A Christmas card making session on Sunday morning, followed by some energetic playing with cousins.
  • Trampolining for both kids on Saturday, followed by a very enjoyable family cinema trip to see Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.
  • A lovely visit to Allie's dad on Friday. P. wrote a coded message for him to decipher, the kids did experiments with a long cardboard tube, they all played blow football, the cat was duly worshipped, and a lovely lunch consumed.
  • P's second week at her Thursday group. No more film making, but some good games and a couple of new people to meet. She came home and downloaded the Pink Panther music from a website, for use in their film.
  • Meanwhile, Leo and I made this, inspired by The Big Bang on Discovery Kids. It's a musical instrument – it makes a note when you bang it on the floor – and it actually works.
  • The arrival of our Christmas craft supplies box from Baker Ross. We treated ourselves to plenty of black card, gold and silver pens, wooden snowmen, etc, and a few bits for making presents for grandparents too. P. has been making a very lovely advent calendar out of matchboxes.
  • Jigsaws and mosaics, courtesy of the library service.
  • A zoo in our living room
  • A reorganisation of Leo's room, to create a cosy corner in which he can watch videos. He has been using the room more, and inviting P. in for company as well. Tonight, they even played one of the hundreds of board games that gather dust in there!


Helen said...

We have a similar cage for our piggies. Definitely the best thing we've ever made as their bought cage was way too small. Can I ask what you're using on the bottom of the cage? We use sawdust, get through loads of it & our council has stopped our compostable recycling over the winter (grrr!) so we're looking for an alternative.

Dani said...

It's stuff we've just bought, called ProFleece. Very deep pile fleece, that draws the wetness down so that it's dry on top even when it's soaking underneath. Under the fleece there's a box made of correx. We've just squeezed the fleece into our washing machine for the first time, after removing poos with a handyvac and hay with the Dyson. Hoping this will work out better than our previous system of thin fleece with towels underneath. We got the fleece from these people.

Helen said...

Thanks Dani. Do your pigs eat the fleece? We have one that eats absolutely everything! Don't suppose it would do much harm though.

Dani said...

They haven't eaten it yet...

It's proving quite difficult to wash - we've had to cut our large sheet in half and wash the bits separately, as it was just too big to get clean in our washing machine. Not sure yet if that will bring its own problems when we put it back in the cage. Will update later.