Sunday, November 27, 2005

Not a catch up…

… as it's been too long since we blogged, but here are some of the things we've been doing.


  • Is enjoying her new group – they've started filming their short films, and she's roughed out a design for her page on the group's website.
  • Has discovered kakuro puzzles, following a tip from my dad – she's spent the last couple of days working on one he sent her
  • Was pleased to find a non Tintin book by Herge and a Tintin dvd she'd not seen before, at the library
  • Liked the discussion of migration at Woodcraft Folk, and was pleased with her I Begin and World Friend badges.
  • Spoke to a television reporter at a demo we went on at the Town Hall, protesting against plans to build a park and ride car park over allotments and homes in the north of Brighton. We were only on the news for a second or two, though.


  • Was thrilled to be given his trampolining badge 3 at the class this morning
  • Happily joined in beautiful singing in rounds at our HE group on Monday
  • Has been enjoying reading various Captain Underpants books for himself – his reading is growing in fluency by leaps and bounds
  • Held his own in a group of 6-9 year olds at Woodcraft Folk, when he and I had to step in to help out at short notice
  • Has made loads of lovely comics featuring his own superhero, Super Squidgy, and various dragons


Has been writing a report on our last year, so that we're prepared in case the LEA come calling. P. and L. have decided they don't want a visit again, so we want to be able to respond with a weighty tome when/if they write asking to come round. Six pages so far…


Has almost finished (at long last) knitting a waistcoat for Leo, featuring illusion daleks on the front and dragon on the back. It's lovely, but I'm looking forward to knitting something with less fluffy wool!

All of us

  • Enjoyed working together on a jigsaw of the British Isles. Infuriatingly, it had 3 pieces missing, but I made replacements by enlarging the picture on the box and sticking the appropriate bits onto card – here it is in all its glory.
  • Had a lovely relaxing day today, as nobody had to go to work for a change. We played cards, read the paper, and generally lounged about.


Heather said...

How resourceful of you!!

All sounds smashing and interesting, especially Pearl's filming :-)

dawniy said...

exciting group website they have there! No worries with the LEA you are always so busy!!

Nic said...

Kids Club site looks really interesting. Is it local?