Thursday, November 17, 2005

Potential venue

This post is mainly for members of our weekly HE group to check out some photos of a potential venue. I have left the venue nameless but you MM people know where it is!

So, here are photos.

Main room showing low table and kitchen at one end

The quiet room

Kitchen area

Sports hall/gym


peri said...

Just shown J the pictures - he thinks it looks a pretty cool venue! He likes the indoor play space especially as it has basketball hoops.

Little Minx said...

That place looks fab! How much will they charge? What day- we might start coming over!

Allie said...

That's good Peri!

Hi Little Minx. Sorry but our group has a waiting list at the moment. It is a group of max. 15 children so that the kids get the benefit of a fairly small, stable group of people to make friends with. If you're interested in going on the waiting list then comment again with an email address and I'll give you the details.