Saturday, November 19, 2005

Speed blogging

  • HE Groups: One for P (painting, film making), one for me and both kids (general free for all).
  • Classes: Capoeira for kids, Woodcraft Folk leader's training for me
  • Family: Popped round to cousins' house to look at stars, and spotted Mars on the way home; P. went to grandmothers' house for the afternoon.
  • Guinea pigs: New system seems to be working OK – having cut fleeces in half means they get clean in washing machine.
  • Christmas: Most presents bought, cards slowly being made, advent calendar finished, general mood of excitement building.
  • Reading: L. read alone for an hour and a half. P. has started Roman Mysteries again from the beginning.
  • Writing: L. is keeping a daily diary.
  • Bits and bobs: card games, jigsaws, excellent conversation about characters in children's programmes, home made vegetable soup, fascinating research about railway line that used to run near our house.


Sarah said...

Love that advent calendar!!!

dawniy said...

soooo busy !! where do you get the energy??

a said...

Wow! Excellent stuff. LOL at speed-blogging, it's a tricky business. I popped by because I saw your words of hope about how L and P are now able to get up in the morning and watch Primary History and make sandwiches - I love hearing that stuff, I'm not very good with dependence (dependency?), which is a bit of a drawback with being a mum and all!

Alison said...

Yeah, that's a great advent calendar! Tilda and I are making one she decided on this year, but I think I'll keep that one in mind for next year!

Ali, there is definitely hope, honestly :) Even Lulah was trying to make her own bread and butter here today. (Actually, she needed help to get the bread out of the bread bin, but everything else they might want to do in our kitchen is very accessible.)

Heather said...

Titch yells "I do freading" (spreading) while dragging a chair earnestly toward the worksurface when anyone so much as touches the breadbin, so we all get margarine-to-your-gums sarnies.

My Dad phoned last night to tell me about a match box advent calendar he'd read about, I feel quite guilty that I've bought pocket ones. Yours looks fabby.

Kirsty said...

I do like thatadvent calendar. I have idea =s for making some for my 2 this year, but I really need to get my finger out!!