Saturday, December 24, 2005

The calm before the storm

Dani went to work today – she's much better. She has made her usual speedy recovery from illness. On Tuesday morning she was ill enough to faint on the kitchen floor (the noise from downstairs was like nothing I had ever heard before!) and by today she is working, shopping in her lunch hour and coming home to cracker making and guinea pig mucking out! Must make sure she doesn't overdo things…

Pearl, Leo and I had a much needed quiet day at home today. The kids spent the day in pjs but they did lots of things. One of our Christmas plans this year was to try out a recipe for biscuits with a 'stained glass' window made from a boiled sweet. Much to my amazement they worked!

Also to my amazement we managed to get through the whole day with no raised voices, tearful outbursts or stroppy door slamming! I think my decision not to set foot in a shop today really helped. The kids and I calmed down and worked together on the biscuit making with lots of cooperation. They also spent a silent hour in their own bedrooms playing, which seemed to do us all good. Pearl tidied her doll's house for Christmas and Leo worked on 3-d representations (in duplo and stickle bricks) of a fabulous machine of his own invention called the 'Fossilizer 2000'. Pearlie also painted her first creation made with her new mitre saw – it is a golden archway to welcome people to Sylvania. I had a lovely time changing sheets in my own room and watching supermarket sweep, which I remember fondly from unemployed days in a bed-sit.

It is worth blogging that Leo is suddenly able to tell the time extremely well. He casually mentioned to me that it was twenty to one today and he was right. It is interesting that he has not learned all the 'simple' points on the clock first, but rather he has been slowly figuring out the whole thing at once.

Tomorrow we're off to the Brighton grandmothers' house for our usual Christmas Eve get together and then a pretty quiet Christmas Day at home. Merry Christmas/Solstice/Hanukkah or whatever this time of year means to you.


Sarah said...

Hi! I love reading your blog :) Just stopped by to wish you all a brilliant Christmas and a happy new year!

Deb said...

Hm, we made those last week, but yours look better than ours did. We didn't have a big enough cutter in any shape but round - your squares look better. And we forgot to make the holes for the ribbon, so we had to eat them rather than hang them ;-)