Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005

We've had a lovely few days here. On Christmas Eve we went over to my mum and partner's house for traditional Christmas get together. Five grandchildren in attendance and lots of exciting presents opened and yummy food eaten. Back at home for the evening Dani and I had an hour hunt for a present we had hidden rather too well! Pearl cuddled up at bedtime with her new Bagpuss hot water bottle, complete with singing mouse. Leo was eventually in bed after watching all three Dr Who episodes on his new DVD.

Christmas Day started at the civilised hour of 8.15am with the kids staggering downstairs with big pillow cases of presents to to open on our bed. Leo was thrilled with his new dalek, which he named Satellite. Pearl quickly assembled the Sylvanian Families play park that came with instructions in Japanese only! We all got lots of lovely things. My presents included home made chocolate truffles that the kids made in secret on Christmas Eve.

The tree first thing in the morning.

The guinea pigs got little tents – very cute but full of wee by tea-time!


Yet more Sylvanian stuff

Christmas day afternoon brought two local cousins to admire new pressies and play for an hour or so. I failed in my mission to get relatives to eat up some of the excessive food we had made – huge trifle and mince tart.

Dr Who in the evening was lovely. Kids adjusted well to the change of Doctor and we are all looking forward to the new series. Leo dissolved at bedtime, alternately yawning and sobbing because the day was over.

On Boxing day my dad and his wife came for lunch. We made soup with home-made bread and Delia's individual sticky toffee puddings. We all played with a new game of Leo's called Animal families and then moved on to playing cards – Black Jacks and To Hell and Back.

Today brought snow – the first real flurries the kids have seen in years. Sadly it didn't lay and was gone in an hour. As a child in Brighton I usually got at least one good snow fall per winter – enough to play in and enough to shut the school. Leo hasn't seen any real snow in his life, and Pearl can only remember one heavy fall when we were up in Leicestershire visiting family when she was five or so. Dani has seen snow before but she still got excited!

We're looking forward to some quiet days at home now.


Nic said...

sounds like a lovely few days. Are you planning huge New Year celebrations?

Allie said...

Nope! Just enjoying the fact that no-one's going to work for 5 more days.

I don't like New Year at all - always seems like a long wait for midnight and then??

Hope all are well at your house now.

Sarah said...

Aaaah! it sounds like you had a great time :) We didn't get any snow here whatsoever (even the un-settled variety) it's very sad, I was so hoping for some.

Alison said...

Sounds like you had a great time :)

We really enjoyed the Doctor Who here too :)