Thursday, December 22, 2005

Family festivities, flu and fireworks

We spent last weekend in Leighton Buzzard, having a Christmas family gathering with my parents, my sister and her partner and children. The house was great, and it was a blessing to have a dining table that could seat us all, and a long corridor in which children could happily rampage. We were right next to the canal, and woke on Sunday morning to find the whole thing frozen over – much excitement and fun throwing stones onto the ice.

As is traditional on these occasions, the children wasted little time sleeping or eating (apart from copious amounts of chocolate) and consequently found that their tempers were quite short. Despite having to cope with rather more tearful outbursts than any of us would have liked, we did manage to swap some lovely presents, cook and eat several delicious meals, and explore the towpath near the house.

Along with the presents, we managed to exchange germs, so I have since been suffering my sister's dreadful fluey cold. Managed to drag myself out of bed, heavily dosed up on painkillers, to the fantastic Burning the Clocks event this evening. P. and L. coped wonderfully with all the waiting involved, and we were rewarded by a wonderful fireworks display at the end of the spectacular parade.

Other things we have been doing lately:
  • Making comics – Leo and his cousin invented some new superheroes over the weekend, and he spent a lot of the journey home making copious comics.
  • Using tools – Pearl got a wonderful set of tools from my parents, including a mitre saw. Now we just need to find some wood…
  • Decorating our Christmas tree
  • Watching David Attenborough's Life in the Undergrowth – excellent as always
  • Reading a lot – Leo has been re-reading Ricky Ricotta books, and Pearl has been re-absorbing some of the Horrible Histories. When the British Empire was mentioned in conversation the other day, she said "Queen Victoria was the first, last and only British Empress of India. She died in 1901." Allie read Winter House while we were away.
  • Knitting – I'm still working on the wrist warmers, and also started on this cardigan
  • Origami – I made a stellated rhombic dodecahedron while we were away, but forgot to take a picture before I gave it to my sister, so I can't prove it!


Heather said...

Your holiday looks fun :-)

Hope you get over the lurgy soon, it's really rife at the moment.

Joyce said...

You're braver then me. I hate knitting stripes, as I can't stand all the ends to sew in. But I do love that self-patterning wool by Opal. It's lovely knitted up. I did a baby cardigan in it a few weeks back, and it was gorgeous. I've been thinking about something easy to knit while I'm not well, maybe the S&B wrist warmers would be the thing, as I've got some Noro wool left from a jumper.

peri said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Hope you feel better soon Dani.

I'll ask Mike if he has any wood - there is normally some sculling around in the garage.

Have a great holiday break and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year ((hugs)).