Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stuck in the mud

Another week seems to have flown by. This one included:
  • Swimming with cousins for P, while Leo and I got up slowly on Sunday.
  • A productive afternoon for me and both kids making Christmas cards (potato printing) and tree decorations (salt dough).
  • HE group on Monday, with games people had brought in and some giant board games hired from my work.
  • Making withy lanterns at Woodcraft Folk in preparation for Burning the Clocks.
  • Pearl and I making an ill-fated and extremely muddy journey by train and bike to…
  • A wonderful day looking at life in Victorian times at Michelham Priory. We saw a blacksmith at work, explored the (working) water mill, investigated household artefacts in the kitchen, and made Victorian Christmas decorations. We missed the beginning, due to getting lost and caked with clay in the woods, but the guide kindly showed us the artefacts everyone else had looked at in the morning, and other HE families gallantly stepped in to transport us and our bikes home.
  • Game playing, reading and lunching for A. and L. at the grandmothers' house, followed by picking up cousin S. from school, then watching her dance show at the community centre.
  • Capoeira for the kids, while I started a new knitting project. (Thanks, Peri).
  • Kids club and grandmothers visit for P. and a cosy day in for me and Leo. He made a display of eggs (chicken, dalek, dragon and tadpole) and then another of power rangers paraphernalia.
  • Another HE group today, where the kids made Christmas cakes and cooked them at home in little sweetcorn cans. This was also a welcome chance to meet up with our friends O. and J. and they came back to our house for a cup of tea and a play after the group.

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