Sunday, January 08, 2006

Creative chaos resumes

We've both gone back to work this week – getting up in the morning was quite a struggle!

There's also been a fair bit of creative and constructive activity round here this week.

On Monday, our last day of holiday, we went to The Triangle Centre for a swim. It's a long journey for us, involving a train plus expensive taxi or rare and meandering bus, but it’s a great pool, with flumes and rapids and we all had a lovely time. Before we went, Pearl took some photos from her bedroom window, including some dramatic skyscapes like this

And this one, showing the impressive growth of her two ginger plants, grown from ginger roots and watered diligently by her.

In the evening, we all watched Balderdash and Piffle together.

Tuesday included some time pottering at home for Allie and the kids, followed by a short and pleasant play at local cousins' house.

While I was at work on Wednesday morning, the others did a bit of maths using some sticker books the kids got for Christmas, and P. had a look at another workbook type thing about word roots (which turned out to be more boring than we had hoped). We did a swift changeover at lunchtime, then we played cards and rested until it was time to go to the capoeira class. Leo and his cousin D. came back to our house for Doctor Who themed rampaging while their big sisters did another hour of capoeira.

Pearl and Leo started Thursday by co-operating to complete this jigsaw before breakfast.

Later, Allie dropped Pearl off at the grandmothers' house on her way to work, discussing averages as they walked. She did lots of French there and played cards on their computer (she's becoming an expert at Spider Solitaire) and in real life. Meanwhile, Leo and I made slime using one of his Christmas presents, he did lots of dragon-y and Doctor Who inspired drawing, and then we worked together on a vegetarian shepherd's pie for tea.

We all had to get up early on Friday, me for work and everyone else to get to an appointment in town at 10am. Allie having (only just) persuaded the bank she had enough identity to be a signatory of the HE group's bank account, they hopped on a bus to the library, where they collected a good crop of books and videos. Back at home, the kids were overjoyed to be offered the Brio train set - they worked together on this lovely layout, and took their own photos and video clips for posterity.

Leo also designed and made this dragon robot.

Allie had to go to work today, and the rest of us went to town to indulge our various hobbies. We bought the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine for Leo, some yarn for my scarf, and picked up some free wood from the Wood Recycling Project, for P. to make a knitting frame as described in the excellent 'You can do a thousand things with string', which was one of this week's library finds. I made bread and cauliflower cheese for tea, and the kids made a new train layout.

We are chuffed to have booked a family room at the Travelodge in Bath for £26 and are excitedly planning our one night break in April.

What we're reading: Leo and Allie started The Hodgeheg as a bedtime story one night this week, and he finished it off himself. He drew a picture of the end of the story so that she wouldn't be left wondering what happened. Pearl and I are enjoying The Outlaw Varjak Paw, and she is reading her usual eclectic mix to herself.

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