Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

We've had a pleasant and productive New Year's Day, tidying and sorting various rooms of the house, playing cards, watching Doctor Who, knitting, eating takeaway pizza and staying in pyjamas all day (the kids, that is!).

It's been really nice to have a good long stretch of time without someone or other going to work. Despite occasional worries about not making good enough use of this time, we've thrown ourselves into the holiday mood, rarely getting up before 10am, and planning very few activities beyond extended family commitments.

Some things we have done this week are:
  • Leo completed his set of Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who DVDs with some of his Christmas money, and has been watching them pretty much non-stop, pausing only to watch our video of the Christmas Invasion.
  • The kids and I went with their cousins and Allie's mum to see The Tinderbox, which turned out to be a quite strange and wordy version of the story, but quite good.
  • Pearl and I went to the Booth Museum to see their current exhibition about the beach, while Leo and Allie did some shopping in town and popped down to the actual beach.
  • We popped round for a short family get-together to celebrate Allie's brother's birthday
  • We all went to Brighton Museum for lunch and an enjoyable look at the Fashion and Fancy Dress exhibition.
  • Pearl spent some of her Christmas money on The Outlaw Varjak Paw, which we started reading tonight.
  • Allie finished writing a report on our year, in anticipation of a letter from the LEA, and decided to do more writing in the coming year, as it's something she enjoys but doesn't often find time to do. If anyone wants to read the report, email us or comment here and we'll send it to you.
  • I finished knitting the wrist warmers, and started work on an ambitious scarf, inspired by some gorgeous wool and a Kaffe Fassett pattern book I was given for Christmas. I'm also making steady progress on Allie's cardigan.
  • We've all been playing cards, especially a game I remembered from my childhood called Casino
  • Pearl and Leo decided yesterday to make a dalek out of lego today, and they did.

  • Leo has been diligently working through a lovely book he got for Christmas called Working with dragons – a short course in Dragonology, and from that has also produced some beautiful dragon themed art of his own.

Finally, here's a picture of Pearl's archway. and a candid shot of Bunny and Hank luxuriating in yet another new bedding arrangment.


Nic said...

Our two didn't make it out of pjs yesterday either :-). Love the dalek and the dragon pics - Leo's drawing is excellent.

I'd like to read the report please :-)

Alison said...

Love the archway :)

Leo's pictures are fantastic!

Heather said...

Bunny and HAnk are two well kept GP's :-)

LEo's drawings are wonderful!

ione said...

love the archway too