Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pottering on

Some highlights of the last week or so:

  • Renewed interest in things Egyptian – at HE group on Monday and again for Leo and me at home today, mummifying salt dough creations with strips of paper soaked in plaster of paris. Leo wants to know why leaving the heart in the body didn't introduce a source of moisture that would muck up the mummification. I'm not sure…
  • Leo has been doing quite a lot of writing – he made a newspaper today, bringing the exciting news of an alien encounter on Mars to the inhabitants of his bedroom.
  • Playing games – the kids and I had a mammoth Monopoly session on Saturday, everyone's been playing casino, and P. asked me to teach her rummy the other day. P. played Continuo at the grandmothers' house today. We've also all really enjoyed this finger pointing game.
  • A really good capoeira class, with both kids achieving some really impressive moves
  • Leo and I did this week's Krampf experiment, to make a clever siphon using a plastic bottle and a straw.
  • Progress on the knitting frame, after a setback due to nails that kept popping out of the wood as soon as they had been hammered in! We've redesigned and are now back on track with drilling holes and gluing in wooden pegs instead.

We're all a bit fed up with the gloomy grey weather and are gritting our teeth until springtime!


merry said...

I've just come to apologise because i do always read your blog (and feel inspired by it too) but tend to read it on my rss and forget to comment. So i'mn here to delurk, as it were :)

Deb said...

Re the Egyptian hearts - I think they dehydrated the heart and then replaced it in the body.

Like Merry, I always read here too - it's just I don't often have hands free for typing comments (or much else)!

Angela said...

hi, im here also to say hello! ive been reading your blog for a while now... Love hearing what youve been upto, you seem so busy and content with life! Hope to read alot more x

Dani said...

Well, it's good to know we have such a wide readership! I'm sure we're just as guilty of lurking elsewhere and without such good cause. Nice to hear from you all.

Little Minx said...

No they didn't take the heart out- far too important to them to touch and damage. It would have dried out in the 40 days the body was placed in a salt bath prior to being wrapped up. The nostrils, mouth, earholes etc weren't blocked with wax/resin until after this stage so the salt would have got inside the body also.