Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!


I had a day off work as uni term hasn't started yet, but I was surplus to requirements as everyone had made plans! Dani and Pearl went, with cousin S and her mum, to a new kids' knitting group. Pearl saw some friends from her school days, which she enjoyed. Leo spent the afternoon with cousin D and his dad, playing Dr Who and watching Dr Who. So I spent the afternoon finishing off our LEA report – adding the list of outings, proof reading, fiddling with layout and making photomontage covers. Dani is going to laminate the covers and bind it at work so it looks impressive.

Both the kids (but especially Pearl) have been playing with our Brio train track a lot since I dug it out on Friday. I think it is yet another toy that we bought far too early. We started our collection on Pearl's second birthday and now, at eight, she really loves it! She can plan the layout and make it work – she loves changing points and turntable and rushing about squealing as she averts disaster. It has reminded me how much I loved the big clockwork engines, and metal track, we played with as children. I can remember living with a track around the dinner table for months – we used it to carry the salt and pepper!


We went to our weekly HE group today. We were first to arrive (by a few minutes) and Pearl dashed off a quick poem while I went to sort out some details with the office worker. I haven't got her permission to share it on the blog, but I will do if she says it's ok. Leo drew some more dalek pictures!

I really like the venue we are using now. It has a kitchen area in the main room and I think this is very relaxing for the adults, who tend to chat and drink a lot of tea around the counter there. The kids have a full size sports hall to play in – so they get to rampage and scream about. Pearl, Leo and I enjoyed a game of cards with one of our friends. Pearl was telling me today how listening in on adult conversations is something she really enjoys at the moment – and she gets plenty of opportunity at the group. I think this kind of 'earwigging' is very educational!

Some nice moments in the last couple of days:

Pearl reminded me of her truly astonishing memory and her very literal mind. I had told her (lightheartedly, about seven weeks ago) to remember the key pad number of the burglar alarm in the building we use for HE group. When we were chatting about going back there after the festive break she just stopped the conversation by reciting the four digits needed for the alarm! She had, of course, remembered the digits correctly.

Leo wrote some super stories on the computer tonight, using Word. Here is the longer of the two pieces as he wrote it.

"Their was a dalek 2000 years it lived on scaro. It was the emperor of its planet and rooled the univers and killed the world then the tardis came the ship of the daleks sopderitabeded the tardis so it shot up in to the sky and went to raxacoricofalapatoryas and they met a slitheen corled dkraserbelfotpasaleydayslitheen down came the tardis the end?"

I am very impressed at how many standard spellings he is using now – it must be influenced by his reading. I also love the inclusion of the planet of the Slitheen and the Slitheen name – these are just as they are said in the tv programme. And he asked where he could find the question mark on the keyboard to finish the piece. When he read it out to us his intonation was just right – letting us know we can expect a sequel! He wrote another piece and used different font sizes to great effect, without any help.

Leo settled down for a mammoth story session in bed tonight and informed me that it was '75 to 10' – and indeed it was 8.45pm!


Jules said...

All good :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Dani and Allie - thanks for posting on my blog about the LEA report. I'd really love a copy, it would be so helpful so see what you have put :) I'll have to give you our email addy here though which is
tim at timsellers dot net (obviously written the normal way though!) MANY thanks!