Friday, February 03, 2006

Another winter week

Another week over and we are getting too slack about the blogging! Our excuse this week is that Dani has been failing to get better from this horrible cold. She has been feverish and miserable for the last two days (after more than a week of a full-on head cold) and so she went to the doctor today to get her chest checked out. Doctor told her she had a cold – so she is going to try to get some real rest over the next few days and actually get better.

Let's start with some photos of the long promised knitting frame.

The week in brief:

Saturday 28th
I went to work and Dani took the kids to trampolining. Cousin S came for a sleepover.

Sunday 29th
Kids went to the park with their friend H and her mum. H was home educated last year but now goes to school and the kids miss seeing her. I was at work again and Dani managed to have a short sleep.

Monday 30th
Dani went to work and I took the kids to our weekly HE group. The theme was rhythm and poetry. Pearlie had a go at writing a poem but was a bit distracted by people banging pots! Leo made a lot of comics – something he is doing every day at the moment. They were both pleased to see their friends and did a fair bit of hide and seek and basketball too.
I went to work for the afternoon. L went to play and have tea with cousin B and Dani and Pearlie went to Woodcraft. Dani did her best to offer interesting dinosaur themed activities to fairly wild kids.

Tuesday 31st
Leo went over to the grandmothers' house where he made more cardboard creations and did secret things! Pearlie and I knuckled down and finished the knitting frame and left the glue to dry. Then we went up to Pearlie's old school to collect a friend for tea and a play. I think she and P had a good time. Dani came home from work early but didn't get much rest as I went out to see a friend in the evening.

Wednesday 1st
Dani gave in and finally stayed in pjs instead of going in to work. We had a slow morning, pottering about, and then I went to work. Dani and Pearlie tried the knitting frame and were pleased to find that it worked. Then the kids went to capoeira.

Thursday 2nd
Pearlie went off to her bigger kids HE group, where preparations continued for an HE information event this weekend. Leo had a quiet day at home making things from cardboard and tape and playing with his plastic animals. Dani dozed and, when I had to go to work, managed to do some toasties for the kids tea.

Friday 3rd
Dani stayed in pjs all day until she went to the Doctor. I took the kids to the library, where we borrowed some Michael Morpurgo books – 'The dancing bear' for Leo and 'The sleeping sword' for Pearlie.
Then I took the kids on to town where Leo got a bargain toy soup dragon (reduced t £1 in Borders) and a £1 book – 'How to train your viking'. Pearlie was very pleased to find a constellations poster for £2.

This evening we had interesting conversations about many things: lawyers, social services, child development and care, pregnancy and birth, and sex and contraception! I'm not too sure what Leo was taking in, but Pearlie was very on the ball tonight. I was a bit amazed to find that we were discussing what to do if a partner is reluctant to use a condom, with our eight year old! Needless to say, she led the conversation – we don't ever push this stuff – but I am pleased that she and we seem to be able, so far at least, to discuss such things without embarrassment.


Jax said...

I like the look of that knitting frame, though I can't begin to figure out how it works. Hope Dani is feeling better.

Dani said...

It's a bit like french knitting. The middle picture shows it quite well, actually. You make a zigzag pattern round the pegs, then reverse it, then lift the bottom loop on each peg over the top loop.