Monday, February 20, 2006

Mirror, Mirror

We had a nice time at our HE group today, exploring symmetry and patterns. We had taken along lots of sheets of graph paper with squares, triangles, hexagons and other different patterns; a set of Penrose tiles (kites and darts) made by my dad when I was little; several books with mirrors in them; some books and printouts from the internet about patterns in various cultures – Roman mosaics, celtic knots, Arabic design, and rangoli patterns – and a display including posters borrowed from Allie's work and sections of some lovely Tarquin posters Pearl and Leo have in their rooms. Another family brought lots of Hama beads and an iron, and others chipped in with lovely books.

I think everyone joined in with one or more of these activities, and lots of the kids enjoyed finishing the session off with some yoga. I was quite chuffed to find I could draw Celtic knots by following these instructions.

We chilled out at home with some sweeties from the corner shop and a cup of tea, while watching Poirot. Later on P. went to Woodcraft, which was pretty chaotic.

Leo did this lovely picture last night – it's a robot.


merry said...

Wow - that looks like a great session, i am jealous!

Elderfairy said...

Beautiful work, it looks so great the way it is set out too. Is that just from one days work? The thing about the yoga. Am sharing a few sessions with Willow, but would like to do more yoga with all three of the children, but would like some inspiration about how to structure it. Is the yoga thing something your HE group does regularly...and if so would you mind sharing what postures you do? I'm at a loss to think of a sequence that would be manageable...ta, in advance...x

Angel said...

It all looks lovely.

Dani said...


Thanks for your nice comments, everyone! I am now addicted to drawing Celtic knots.

Elderfairy, the display was just some stuff we put together beforehand to inspire people at the group - it's not stuff we've made ourselves. We didn't do the yoga either, I'm afraid. I could ask the parent who does do it occasionally with the kids at our group and let you know what she says.

elderfairy said...

I still think it's brilliant and am inspired. Celtic knots - here we come! The yoga okay if you leave it, because it still made me think: "That's what I want more of!" This is what I love about this blogg ring many good posts that inspire. Good night, god bless, shall eat many poppadoms now.