Monday, February 13, 2006

On the mend?

Today is the first day for about 3 weeks that I have really felt better. I still have a sore throat and an eye infection, and am still producing copious amounts of snot, but I feel less ill in myself (as they say) and have been able to do quite a lot of little tasks at home today, instead of just lying in bed moaning. I must make sure I don't overdo it…

Allie and the kids went briefly to the home ed group this morning, but spent most of the time waiting outside and in the library next door, after a mix up about the keys. Still, it was nice to see everyone else for a quick catch up.

There have been various interesting episodes round here lately, including:
  • The kids and I read with interest about the discovery of an intact tomb in Egypt
  • Leo did some drawing and cutting, exploring the theme of symmetry with folded paper. We plan to do some more about this when it's our turn at group next week.
  • Pearl is enjoying a wide variety of TV programmes at the moment, including Totally Spies, Hercule Poirot, Power Rangers, the news, Blue Peter, and Mod Cons (an engineering programme on Discovery Science). Leo is pretty loyal to Scooby Doo and Discovery Kids.
  • P. and her cousin S. arranged a play date for themselves this afternoon – they can both now travel safely to each other's houses, in daylight at least, so they are able to be pretty independent in their plans.
  • Leo continues to be interested in dragons – he and I used this book to make some pretty cardboard gems on Wednesday to be treasure for his dragons.
  • While ill I completed the edges and one sleeve of Allie's cardigan and reread a fascinating book by a friend of mine – a biography of her grandparents and, through the telling of their story, a social history of Jewish life in Lithuania, South Africa and the UK from the late 19th to the late 20th century.
  • P. and I are reading Waiting for Anya by Michael Morpurgo, while she is reading Kensuke's Kingdom to herself. Leo and Allie have just finished Fatbag by Jeremy Strong. Allie is gripped by Border Crossing, by Pat Barker.


a said...

Oooh sounds hopeful - definitely be careful not to overdo it though, you will need a gentle recovery.
Still, lovely to read things improving.
You've given me the idea suggest making cardboard gems with F, as several times lately she has wanted to draw rubies, emeralds, diamonds and pearls and talk about them, look at pictures, etc. (Don't ask - I think it's something Disney Princess related, but still...)
Think she'd love a few cardboard ones. Thanks!

peri said...

Glad to hear you're perking up Dani.