Saturday, February 25, 2006

Only half a Greenhouse

Fallen behind again – so here's a quick catch-up. Pearl and Dani are away at Woodcraft camp, and with Leo in bed, it feels like a strangely empty house.


Dani was at work all day. Leo went over to the grandmother's house, where he beat my mum at Black Jacks – three times in a row! Pearl and I came home and Pearl wrote a poem. Then she found a Cross Numbers puzzle she had started and we finished it off together.


The morning has disappeared from my head! In the afternoon Dani took the kids to capoeira. The cousins weren't around this week and so Leo didn't have his cousin D to do his session with him. Dani decided she would do it with him – she declared it to be exhausting! While Pearl did her class Leo sat and drew lovely pictures.


Pearl went to kid's club in the morning, where they were doing graffiti. Pearl didn't get a chance to work on the wall as someone had used up all the blue – but she and her friend made a design. Pearl also learned what a tag is – and has designed her own. In the afternoon she went, with the grandmothers, to visit an interesting house in their area. She likes this house (and the friendly inhabitants) as there is a cool bone collection there.
Leo spent a lot of time making things at home – mostly from cardboard and string. He also let me unravel and wind up all the string he had bound around the hall way and banisters! It is amazing how he loves playing with string – just like Pearlie did at five.


A quiet day at home for all of us – Dani and Pearl packing and preparing for camp. P and D left mid-afternoon. Leo and I played with Octons – interesting to see how symmetrical his creations have become since we discussed symmetry. He has also played with the idea on paper – producing seemingly effortless mirror writing (on purpose these days!) and showing me how the mirror could make it legible. We had Chinese takeaway (Leo is choosing the meals while the others are away) for tea and Leo stayed up late reading.


Leo and I finally woke up at 10 to 10. We had to get up fairly quickly as I dropped him off at the grandmothers' house and then went off to work. He had a fine time – made a set of 35 'dragon cards' – lovely pictures on them and lots of backwards digits! He was waiting for me on my return and we had a 'movie evening' watching Dr Who DVDs with the lights off and eating vegeburgers and chips in the dark.

I'm really missing P and D – we never really spend nights apart much. I've managed to engineer a day off tomorrow and Leo and I are planning to go to the flicks – something we both love and P is not so keen on. Then the others will be back!


a said...

Oooh what you going to see/been to see at the flicks then? Dr Who movie evening with vegeburgers and chips sounds just like what we sometimes do here.
Are they back now? It's nice to miss them, though.

Jax said...

I assume this is an indoor camp? Are they back yet?

Alison said...

Always weird when it's a bit quiet! Sounds like you and Leo had fun though :) Hope Pearl and Dani did too :)