Sunday, February 19, 2006

Quick, late night catch up


I was still off work, and suffering a bit from doing too much the day before. Allie and the kids met up with all her family for a tree planting ceremony, in memory of her sister.


I felt stronger but took a last day off work to recover fully. Allie went to work in the afternoon and the rest of us went to capoeira with cousin S (cousin D. couldn't come because he was ill!). Capoeira was very small because it was half term, but it was a good class and we all felt invigorated.


Pottered about in the morning, then Allie went to work and we picked up cousin S. for a very pleasant afternoon trip to Hove Museum. We looked at the excellent exhibition, called Self, and enjoyed the permanent Hove history, toy, and contemporary craft galleries. We were all very taken with a bronze age amber cup found in Hove and beautifully displayed with a light shining through it from the inside.


I went back to work and the others went to the library, where they picked up Tintin and Captain Underpants books, a couple of jigsaws and a peg board toy.


Nobody had to go to work (hooray!) so we all went to trampolining together. This was eventful, as the teacher's assistant landed awkwardly when demonstrating a simple jump and injured her foot. She had to go to hospital – we haven't heard what happened yet.

Afterwards, we got back on the bus and went to Lewes for a day out. We had a lovely time at Lewes Castle, then wandered down to the lovely children's bookshop, Bags of Books, where Leo chose a Doctor Who book and Pearl bought Bombs on Aunt Dainty, the sequel to When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. On the way back to the bus stop we found some lovely handmade dolls furniture in a charity shop, bought delicious bhajis and pakoras from a stall in the street, dithered about having tea in a café but settled on takeaway cakes from the bakers instead.


It rained all day today, so we spent the day indoors (except poor Allie, who had to go to work). We've been preparing for tomorrow's HE group session on symmetry and pattern. P. and I were going to make ginger beer using a kit she was given for Christmas, but it turned out to be more complicated than we thought, so we've postponed that until we have more of the necessary equipment. Leo spent the day as Pyjama Man, mostly doing Scooby Doo studies, but did take a short break to do a magnetism experiment from Horrible Science magazine. P. played a lot with her Sylvanians, to celebrate the new furniture, and also researched a raw food diet on the internet – she decided against it.

Other things – can't remember what day they happened
  • P. has been studying the map of the world we have on our hallway wall, and printing out blank maps of Europe from Enchanted Learning to practice filling in the names of the countries. When we watched the Winter Olympics opening ceremony we were amazed at her knowledge about the flags and countries of the world.
  • Leo has been drawing fantastic comics
  • Leo and Allie read The Brave Whale last week and have now started Not Just a Witch, by Eva Ibbotson


Deb said...

I keep meaning to say, your capoeira sounds brill! Wish we had a class near here!

Nik said...

Where do you get to do whole-family trampolining? Sounds great! Nik