Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Here is Leo's artwork on the theme of Simple, for Illustration Friday (thanks, Debs!)

and here is mine


Deb said...

Heh... never thought I'd see the day when someone thanked *me* for a link to an art site! LOL

Glad you're enjoying it :-)

Alina Chau said...

cute simple drawings!

Ellen said...

I really like these. The one on the top looks like me in the winter- couch potato!!

Nikki said...

Oooh! I'd never heard of Illustration Friday - sounds like something we might enjoy! Going to investigate that link.
Thanks for your comment on our blog, Ali, about coping with big groups. Very reassuring to know we're not alone. Best wishes, Nikki

Nikki said...

Ooops. Wrong Ali. ((Sorry!!)) The Illustration Friday does look very good though!