Monday, March 20, 2006

The boy's birthday!

We fell behind again – because Leo's birthday overtook us! Leo was six years old on Sunday and he had a lovely day with pressies aplenty. He was very happy to receive so many lovely things – a great balance of books, toys, craft/construction stuff and drawing stuff.

The happy boy - unwrapping in pjs and a hat!

Cake - I made this and hoped it looked like a dragon's nest!

Cousins, uncles, aunties, grandparents and so on...

That candle blowing moment.

Tomorrow we are off to the Natural History Museum for his birthday outing. I think he was more excited about this birthday than he has ever been before. The night before his birthday I asked him if he thought he would enjoy being six and he said:
"I think so, because it's been extremely fun being five."
That was a good thing to hear – we must be doing ok as parents then!

The few days leading up to Leo's party were fairly full of tidying and cake baking, and so on. Our little house accommodated a party of seven children and fourteen adults - a bit of a tight fit. But, in amongst that we also did:

Making chocolate octopuses – Leo, Pearl and I followed a recipe to make rather huge, but tasty biccies.
Pearlie started to look at some grammar in French, with my mum.
Pearlie topped the 100 mark in the number of flags of the world that she knows.
Pearlie, Leo and I went to the library, where Leo read himself a whole Ricky Ricotta book in dedicated silence.
A friend came over for dinner. This involved a lovely chat and late night with wine.

It should be a quieter time for a couple of weeks and so we should be able to blog more often.


Helen said...

Happy Birthday Leo!! Hope you enjoyed the natural history museum.

Elder Faery said...

It looks like a really good 'do'! Hope you had a really good time at the Nat.His. is just the greatest place.

Alison said...

Happy Birthday Leo! Sounded like an excellent birthday :) have a great day out at the Natural History :)

4 girls and 3 boys said...

Happy birthday Leo. The cake looks really yummy.

Emily said...

A few days late, but happy birthday Leo! I hope the Natural History museum lived up to expectations! What he said about how he loved being 5, is just sooo sweet!