Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Culture and sport

Had a busy weekend, including:
  • Trampolining
  • An enjoyable visit to A's work, where we browsed the teaching resources section and borrowed books on dragons, greek myths, the water cycle, the Czech Republic and an oral history written by someone who grew up in our street before the first world war.
  • A theatre trip for Leo with his cousin and uncle, to see Jason and the Argonauts. This was good, by all accounts.
  • A baking fest for me and Pearlie, resulting in lots of delicious cheesy biscuits made by P. and some leaden herb scones made by me, plus a delicious fruit smoothie of blended strawberries, banana and yoghurt.
  • A night out for me and Allie, to see Transamerica at our local independent cinema – very good film and lovely to have an evening out.
  • Delightful breakfast in bed made for us by Pearlie, accompanied by lovely gifts and a beautiful homemade card.
  • Fantastic swimming trip with cousins S. and D. Pearl swam a couple of lengths and several widths of the pool and Leo took his armbands off
HE group today was busy and included various elephant-themed activities, plus a first outing for our new hockey sticks.

When we got home, the kids vegged out in front of separate tellies while I cleaned and tidied around them in preparation for the knitting group meeting here tomorrow night. P. did easter things at Woodcraft Folk while Leo pretended to watch all the same programmes again on Boomerang, but actually did some nice drawings and construction and I did more cleaning.

What we're reading:

At bedtimes, Pearl and I are still working our way through Bombs on Aunt Dainty, and Leo and Allie are enjoying The Shadow World. In my spare moments I've been reading Trilobite!, which was my treat purchase from the Natural History Museum.

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