Monday, March 06, 2006

On the go

It's been an action packed few days here.

On Thursday it was my turn to help out at Kids Club for the morning. That was fun, and I got to know some of the other kids a little bit. P. has borrowed the club's video camera to make a short video diary. Leo and I popped to the shops in the afternoon while P. was at the grandmothers doing a bit of French and sorting out earrings.

Our friends J. and O. came round for lunch and a play on Friday. I missed them because I was at work, but it was lovely for the others to see them.

We all had a day off on Saturday, so we had an afternoon in town after trampolining. Allie and Leo went to the beach, while Pearl and I popped into the wonderful Brighton History Centre, where we looked at old maps of our neighbourhood and the helpful librarian showed us a box full of before and after photos of streets that were demolished in a slum clearance programme after the war. P. was very impressed by the place and vowed to return. We couldn't get a table at the best tea shop in town, so we bought takeaway cakes and had them at home. Allie thrashed the rest of us at Monopoly in the evening.

We slobbed about on Sunday morning, then variously went to work and played with cousins, both at their house and ours. Leo embarked upon an ambitious new series of comic books, starring 'Spitman'.

Allie and the kids went to the Home Ed group this morning, where they had a lovely time making scones, doing a volcano experiment, playing a complicated imaginary game, and thinking about fossils and dinosaurs. One of the parents lent P. some lovely historical novels, including Judith Kerr's Out of the Hitler Time trilogy. We are reading the second of these at bedtime at the moment, so she was thrilled with that. We all relaxed in the afternoon with Poirot/Scooby Doo, then P. and I went to Woodcraft Folk, where she did some rag rug making and I went to a meeting with the other parents. We had a Monopoly rematch in the evening which was declared a draw when nobody was bankrupt by bedtime (but I was winning!).

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