Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rainy day fun

Dani went off to work first thing. The rest of us got wrapped up in waterproofs and walked Leo over to the grandmothers' house in the rain. I suddenly realised how little rain we've had this winter - as Leo wore his waterproof mac for the first time in weeks (his winter coat is down filled and no good in real rain) and we found it really doesn't fit any more!

Leo had a fine time at the grandmothers' house. He made a 'camera thingy' that was apparently 'activated when a dragon flew by' – part of his long term desire to see a real dragon. He also ate pasta with pesto and garlic cheese, so he was pretty fragrant when he returned home.

Meanwhile, Pearlie and I went on into town to pick up a parcel from Hope Education that the postie had tried to deliver yesterday. It was a big box of rubber bands, that we bought to go with peg boards. We had ordered a few things from Hope, figuring that if we were paying postage anyway we might as well. Annoyingly, they've pretty much all come separately and it was fairly annoying to slog into town in the rain just to pick up rubber bands! But Pearlie liked the parcel office – alphabetical order being something she appreciates. She peered in to the office and was pleased with the labelled shelves – and general lack of gushing service! Pearlie has never been someone who likes over familiarity.

When we got home Pearlie made her own lunch (sandwiches, crisps and salad) and we watched the news. We had a conversation about the story in the news today of the woman who has lost her bid to use frozen embryos. Pearlie wasn't entirely sure what an embyo was – so we talked about that, and the various ethical questions involved.

After lunch we snuggled under covers on the sofa (a rainy day activity) and did some more from the logic puzzles booklet Pearlie had started last week. This turned into some stuff on Venn diagrams, which Pearlie enjoyed a lot. She likes to have company, and the chance for some undivided attention, and we seem to be able to work alongside each other quite well these days.

When we'd done lots of that she went off to sort through her coin collection. She loves this collection and seems to find it endlessly fascinating. I did a bit of washing up and cleaned the yucky kitchen sink. Then we snuggled up again to watch Poirot together. I'm not sure how well P manages to follow the plots, but she likes the denouement!

Once Leo got home the kids watched tv and I read a few emails and stuff. When Dani got home we managed to cobble together yet another meal out of no food! We seem to run out of food earlier and earlier each week – must be bigger and bigger kids. But we got a food shop delivered tonight – from the evil empire of Tesco.

This evening Dani phoned her dad to get some reminders on how to solve the Rubik's Cube – she was nearly there, but a bit stuck. Anyway, she's done it now, so she's happy. I'm impressed again – that woman never ceases to impress me…

The kids and I had a lovely game of Monopoly. Pearl is great at getting us playing board games – and it's a good way of spending the evening. Pearlie likes to be banker and Leo likes to spend, spend, spend! His grasp of the game is fantastic now. Over the summer he amazed me with all the reading he could do when playing Monopoly, and now I'm seeing how his understanding of number is coming along too. He had to double 28 to work out how much rent Pearlie owed him and he thought long and hard and came up with 'forty sixteen' great stuff!

There was a wonderful moment in the game when the kids started to joke about something – bogies, I think – and they just laughed and laughed. They were catching each other's eyes and giggling on and on and I started laughing at their hilarity. Sometimes it drives me mad when the kids bicker (and they certainly do!) but moments like that one are just magic.

Dani unpacked the shopping and brought us a big bowl of grapes, which the kids demolished, and we played on for about two hours. We hadn't finished by bedtime so we counted up all our assets and found that Leo had won. I think this is the first time he has won Monopoly, so he was very chuffed.

A good day, I think!


a said...

Definitely a good day! Loved hearing about Leo's 'forty sixteen' - so sensible! And the dragon-activated camera is a lovely piece of imaginative engineering. Thanks for the footwear link, I liked all the boots and might get something from there, when the next client payment comes in.
We have Tesco deliveries with added guilt too.

Nic said...

sounds like an excellent day, loved the bit about Dani never ceasing to impress you and the bit about the children and their giggling. :-)

Alison said...

Oh, the giggling children bit is great :) I remember my brother and I being like that sometimes at mealtimes, and my dad acting all mock-stern. He'd try to get us to stop and then as we did would say something like "Oh, you children will laugh at anything, I bet you'd even laugh if I said ... pencil" and of course we'd start laughing again.

Dinners out of nothing are pretty regular here too ;-)

Elder Faery said...

It was a real treat to read about your lovely day. We also have become experts at making dinners out of nothing...they are usually the meals the children devour with super gusto..I think because they appreciate the surreal quality of dishes like rice, baked beans, yesterdays pizza, one slice of cucumber and a dollop of hummus etc all in miniscule quantities but a lot of choice and a plate full to try!