Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Social butterflies

We've been hurtling from one social/group engagement to the next lately. Since last Tuesday we've taken in:
  • Capoeira, with cousins S. and D.
  • Kids Club for P. – twice – as she went to a special music workshop there today instead of our usual Monday group. This was excellent, by all accounts.
  • Friday drop-in HE group, where there was collaborative soup-making for anyone who wanted to join in
  • A lunch and play date with our 8 year old friend J. Leo spent all day with J. and his family, and went with them in the morning to a local farmers' market. Pearl and I went round there for lunch and the kids stayed for the afternoon. J's house is a highly educational experience in itself, containing as it does several dogs, a beautiful new kitten, a growing collection of tarantulas, some stick insects and a guinea pig, and J's parents are extraordinarily interesting, creative and hospitable people, so a splendid time was had by all.
  • A quick play at our house with cousins S. and D. after we failed to get into the local swimming pool (it was full!)
  • Kids' knitting group, where most of the kids immediately abandoned the knitting and rampaged about happily on the stairs, but Leo enthusiastically got the hang of it and produced several rows on a tiny scarf he is working on.
  • Monday HE group for Leo and Allie, where Leo made a delicious pizza, measured his height, did some painting and played very nicely with a friend who is very much on his wavelength (another J!)
  • Woodcraft Folk for P.

Before going round to J's house on Saturday, Pearl and I went to an open day at the local magistrates court, which was very interesting. We watched a mock trial and participated in the discussions about whether the defendant should be found guilty and how he should be sentenced. We saw the cells below the court rooms, gathered bits and bobs from the stalls of various legal services, and chatted to a nice magistrate who was interested in community justice and liked what I had to say in the mock trial. Pearl was very interested to discover that you can go and observe real trials, and plans to do this at some point.

Other recent highlights include:
  • Watching Oliver over a couple of evenings – Allie and I were inspired to several rousing renditions of a medley of songs from the show, much to the bemusement of the children
  • Prolific amounts of drawing by Leo

    Here's one I was particularly impressed by:

  • A resurgence of P's interest in Set. She has also been playing with Tantrix in her spare moments.
  • Allie read Michael Morpurgo's The Butterfly Lion to Leo and they both loved it.
  • Leo has been making lots of dragon detecting devices out of duplo and octons
  • Pearl continues to study the map of the world and deepen her knowledge of the geography of Europe and the flags of the world
  • Allie and the kids made hundreds of delicious biscuits and they all got eaten in two days


Deb said...

Sounds busy! I do wish we lived somewhere with a busier HE "scene" - there just aren't enough people here to make frequent get-togethers feasible.

I love The Butterfly Lion - such a gorgeous book :-)

Carlotta said...

Wow..sounds like a great time! Am curious to know how you found out about the open day at the magistrates court??

Also, by the by, I wondered if there's a chance you could forward that lovely chunk of code you got from Gill, for the Category Archive/Filing bit on your front page...as am very envious of this, and can't find it anywhere. Just in case...my addy is: cdsnhf@aol.com. and TIA.

dawniy said...

lovely pictures :)

our blog on the ring is now www.OurLearningTogether.com so you might need to update your links (was chaos with the hamiltons and still is on the hub title.)
dawniy xx